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Odyssey Timeline

No description

Cordelia Gonzalez

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Odyssey Timeline

Odyssey Timeline
Book 1-12

Battle of Troy
Odysseus goes to Troy to battle, he stays there 10 years. Odysseus, ruler of Ithaca, comes up with the idea of building the Trojan horse, a wooden horse made so that all the men could fit inside, which made the Trojans think that the Greeks had given up. The Trojans took the horse as a peace offering and took the horse inside the city only to find that the horse was filled with Greek soldiers. This was how Troy was defeated by the Greeks.
Aeolus' Island
Odysseus and his crew now land on the Island of Aeolus, the Wind King; they stay on the island for about a month. King Aeolus gave Odysseus two gifts; a west wind to get him closer to Ithaca and a bag of stormy winds. When they are very close to Ithaca, the crew opened the bag of stormy winds while Odysseus was sleeping, which pulled them back to Aeolus' island. The king refused to help them gain believing that the gods had cursed their journey.
This timeline is about books 1 through 12 of The Odyssey, an epic poem; The Odyssey tells the stories and adventures that Odysseus, our epic hero, goes through on his journey from Troy to his home in Ithaca.
Odyssey Timeline
Book 1-12

Cordelia Gonzalez 9F #9 January 2014
It is important that we read 'The Odyssey' because it is a very important piece of literature that we have to know about, to understand references, to understand Greek mythology,
Lotus Eaters
Then they land on the island of the Lestrygones; they were savage cannibals. They threw big boulders toward Odysseus' fleet of ships, sinking all of the ships except Odysseus'; leaving only a crew of 45 members alive.
Odysseus and his remaining crew arrive at the Land of the Dead and the first ghost that they see is the one of Elphenor, one of Odysseus' men. He said that because he had drunk too much wine and had fallen asleep on Circe's roof, and when he was climbing down he slipped and snapped his neck; he asked them to bury him properly and not leave him just laying there.
Land of the Dead
They started hearing Scylla's crying and just as soon as the ship passed by her, each of her heads grabbed one of Odysseus' men and started chewing them. They screamed for their lives and begged Odysseus to save them, but knew that he couldn't save them so they kept on sailing until they were clearly dead.
After passing the sirens, Charybdis, and Scylla they ended up in Thrinacia, the island of god Helios where his cattle lives. Odysseus tried to convince the crew to avoid landing there but their hunger won them over making them stop there and ignore all of Odysseus' warnings to not eat anything. Mad about his cattle, Helios threatens to stop doing his jobs if he is not repaid; to please Helios, Zeus' sinks Odysseus' ship leaving Odysseus as the only survivor. In time, he ends up on he shore of Ogygia, Calypso's home.
After 3 years of wandering in the sea, Odysseus finds himself on Calypso's Island. Calypso was a sweet nymph that was holding Odysseus captive and didn't want to let him go. Zeus sends Hermes to order Calypso to release Odysseus. Calypso helped Odysseus build a raft so that he could set sail to Scheria before he got home. Calypso didn't understand why Odysseus wanted to leave when he had a beautiful woman there with him, but he tells her that even though he was there with her he missed his home and his family.
Calypso's Island
Odysseus sails for twenty days until he arrives to Scheria where King Alcinous who organizes a banquet in Odysseus' honor. King Alcinous begs Odysseus to tell him all about his life. Odysseus first starts talking about his family, his home, his name, then, he talks about the first three years of his wandering at sea before he arrived on Calypso's island.
Odysseus then decides to start his journey home to Ithaca, taking 12 ships and about 720 men as his crew.
Odysseus and his crew, after leaving Troy, arrive near Ismarus, the city of the Cicones. The Cicones resulted to be allies of the Trojans, thus, they were also Odysseus' enemies. Odysseus and his crew robbed and killed Cicones, until an army killed 72 of Odysseus' men.
About ten days later, Odysseus' ships landed on the coastline of the Lotus Eaters. The Lotus Eaters lived upon a flower, which made the eater of said flower forget everything outside the island and make them want to stay there. Odysseus sent two of his men with a runner to find more about the island. After realizing the power of the flower, Odysseus went to get his men and forcefully tied them to the ships. They set sail toward Ithaca once again.
They all went to sleep, and Odysseus came up with the idea of tying each of his men beneath three of the sheep that were inside the cave, so that when Polyphemus would let them out he would feel the sheep and let them pass. When morning came, everything went as planned, Polyphemus let all of his sheep out without realizing that he was letting Odysseus and his crew go too. The crew and Odysseus got back to the ship safely, and just when they were about to leave, Odysseus started screaming to Polyphemus, "How do you feel that a mere mortal left you blind and escaped from you; if anyone were to ask who did this to you, tell them that it was Odysseus, king of Ithaca." Polyphemus was throwing rocks toward the sea, which cased enormous waves that made the ship draw back to shore. Polyphemus then said that once somebody had told him a prophecy about someone named Odysseus, and that he would take his eye out, but he never expected Odysseus to be human. Polyphemus than reached out to his father, Poseidon, begging him to avenge his son, to curse Odysseus' journey back home, to make him wander for many years and in the process he was to lose all of his men, and when he was to get home, things would have changed.
After escaping from the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus and his crew found themselves near the Cyclops' island. They rested on a bay across the island to find more about the Cyclops before setting foot on their island. The Cyclops were gigantic creatures that lived a barbaric lifestyle; they didn't care about the gods, they didn't follow any rules, they each lived on a cave with their wife and child, and they didn't care what others did.
On the third day of being in the bay, Odysseus with a few of his men crossed over to the island. They stumbled among an empty cave and Odysseus decided to go in with twelve of his best fighters. Odysseus carried with him a goatskin of liquor that Euanthes' son, Maron, had given him. Odysseus' men wanted to take some of the food and goods that they found in the cave, but Odysseus refused and wanted to offer something to the cyclops that lived there. When the cyclops returned, he set an enormous rock at the entrance of the cave, a rock so big that Odysseus wouldn't be able to move if he wanted to escape. The cyclops called out to Odysseus and his men, they explained themselves and asked for his help, however, the cyclops refused and took two of the men in his gigantic hand and ate them. Odysseus was so scared that he decided to wait until the morning to come up with an escape plan.
Odysseus watched how the cyclops always did everything with a routine, of course never failing to wedge the entrance with the rock. The cyclops was called Polyphemus and he was Poseidon's son. Odysseus gave Polyphemus some of his wine until he got drunk; he granted Odysseus the gift of eating him last. Polyphemus asked Odysseus what was his name, and as clever as he was, Odysseus said that his name was Nohbdy. Odysseus had sharpened a stake before, so just when Polyphemus was getting sleepy he rammed it into his eye. Polyphemus started screaming and was very upset; other cyclops asked Polyphemus what had happened, but since Polyphemus thought Odysseus was named nobody he scread "Nohbdy tricked me!", hearing this the other cyclops ignored Polyphemus and continued on with their lives.
First Time
Second Time
Circe is a witch that had the power to turn men into pigs. When they arrived to her island, Odysseus divided his crew into two groups, one was led by Eurylochus and the other by himself. Eurylochus' group went to see Circe first, but all of them got turned into pigs except Eurylochus who went back to the ship to tell Odysseus to sail away from the island. Stubborn Odysseus refusing to leave any o his men, goes to the island to talk to Circe. Along the way, Odysseus finds Hermes, who gives him a magical plant called moly, which will protect him from Circe's powers. When Odysseus gets to where Circe and his men were, Circe gives him a magical drink, but since Odysseus had in his possession the moly the drink didn't affect him. Odysseus threatens to kill Circe with his sword if she didn't turn his men back into humans. Circe agrees to turn them back, but only if they stay for a year. When the year passes, Odysseus begs Circe to let them go, she tells him that first they must go to the Land of the Dead and hear a prophecy told by Tiresias.
Then Odysseus saw his mother, Autolycus, when he left Troy she had still been alive. His mother tells him that Penelope and Telemachus, Odysseus' wife and son, are still grieving for him even after all the years of his absence; that his father, Laertes, moved to the country where he too is still grieving for his lost son; she explains that she died of a broken heart.
Odysseus sensed the presence of Tiresias, prince of Thebes. He started the prophecy by telling Odysseus that anguish lied ahead for him, that Poseidon had cursed his journey for blinding Polyphemus; when they are to come about with Thrinacia, island where Helios the sun god keeps his cattle, they mustn't do any harm if not disaster would strike the ship and crew; even though he will return home alone after many years at sea, there will be trouble at home, men wanting to marry his wife, eating his food, living in his house.
Odysseus returns to Circe for advice; she tells him what he will have to encounter over the next years. This included: that they will pass by sirens, so Odysseus would have to apply wax to all his crew's ears so that wouldn't listen to the siren's song and that himself would be have to be tied if he wished to listen; Odysseus would have to choose between two paths one that had massive rocks that no one could go through or one that had Scylla, a six-headed monsters with twelve tentacles that ate at least six men of every ship that passed by and Charybdis, a monsters which swallowed ships; she warned Odysseus again about not letting his crew harm Helios' cattle when they arrived at Thrinacia. Circe told Odysseus that there was no way that he could avoid passing through these paths.
Odysseus didn't tell his crew about Scylla and Charybdis, but only about the sirens. Odysseus applied wax to all of his crew's ear and was tied to a pole. As they passed the sirens the crew didn't hear a thing and even though Odysseus begged to be untied the crew pulled through and only tied hip tighter.
As the ship was passing near Charybdis, the crew started to panic seeing enormous waves break thinking that the ship could sink at any second, but they successfully avoided falling in and sailed straight toward Scylla.
Odysseus' goal
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