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Personal Project

No description

Kristina Sodamin

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Personal Project

Personal Project
Photography blog
By: Kristina Sodamin
: Create a blog/website in which
I present a general flow of my pictures and show my understanding of photography.
I've always been surrounded by and fascinated by photography.
I would learn more about photography and learn something new. (blogging)




Planning Challenges:


Time Management

After customizing (final product)

Before Customizing:

Throughout this project I have:
Learned how to create a blog.
Expanded my knowledge on photography
-started film photography (shooting manually.)
learned how to handle time management and overcoming challenges.
excelled as an IB learner.
(thinker, knowledgeable,
reflective, etc.)

Advice for upcoming 10th Graders:

Taking action- Challenges Creating blog

No prior knowledge of blogging
I contacted my cousin
I took photography classes
Found various blogs on instagram for inspiration
Finding out what a photography blog looks
Choosing a format
-Wordpress,Tumblr, blogger, etc.
New camera- learn new functions
Choosing a theme
-It had to match the image in my head, after searching all of google, I found one.
Installing the theme
-I followed a tutorial but It didn't work, “this
server cant be found”
: Contact cousin
Figuring out customization options
found YouTube tutorials specifically for my theme.
How do I want my blog to look like
I created my criteria so that I will be able to evaluate it in the end and measure its success
When will I achieve certain tasks
-had to consider everything
Finding time to take photos and edit them
Created a weekly plan
Researched through websites
Made a detailed plan
Choose a topic that interests you and
challenges you to push through your

Use your supervisor...don't abuse them!
Don't take it as a stressful project, its a great learning experience so enjoy it!
Thank you for your time!

Categories for my photos to organize them on what the photos are based on.
(Nature, Film photography, portraits, travel, uncategorized)
Well organized by containing; titles, subtitles, sidebars, and less than 100 photos on each blog post.
Pictures on both home page and blog posts should stand out to create an effect on the audience.
Easy to maneuver through website to find blog, about me and home page
Clean homepage; not overcrowded with content
Should contain more than 10 posts
Post a blog post every week
Easily readable font
Shows understanding of photography through blog posts
Contains a general flow of photos in each blog post

meetings with Supervisor

Stay on track
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