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This is a project me and Huda are doing on nail polish :-P

Joanna K.

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Nail

In conclusion the Sinful
Colors nail polish stayed on the longest, the OPI nail polish chipped the fastest, and the NYC stayed pretty well.
Nail Polish #1 NYC Broadway Burgundy
Our first nail polish is the NYC nail polish. We put on two coats. It did not chip the first day.
Day #2
On the second day the nail polish did not chip at all. It is the same as the first day but got small chip marks on the tips.
Day #3
Today the nail polish stayed on the left finger nails, but chipped off on the right finger nails.
Day #4
On day four my left hand started to chip. The right hand started to chip even more.
Nail Polish #2 OPI Cajun Shrimp
We applied 2 coats of this nail polish. On the first day it didn't chip. Only a little on 1 finger tip.

Nail Polish #3 Sinful Colors Island Coral
For this nail polish both of us put on the nail polish. We put on 2 coats of nail polish.
The 3 nail polishes we used are: NYC in the color Broadway Burgundy Frost, OPI in the color Cajun Shrimp, and Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Island Coral. All of these nail polishes have been painted on 2 coats and used in daily activities (school, washing hands, ect.)
Day #4
On day four the nail polish did not chip. It was the same as day three.
Our Hypothesis
Huda's Hypothesis- I think that the NYC will chip the fastest and the OPI would stay the longest.
Joanna's Hypothesis- I agree with Huda that the NYC will chip the fastest and I think that the Sinful Colors will stay the longest.
The nail polish is good but rubbed off a little on the tips and sides.
Day #2
right hand (that is where
it started to chip)
left hand (did not chip)
started to chip
The nail polish chipped a lot mostly around the edges and tips. It started chipping even more when I washed my hands.
Day #3
On the last day the nail polish really chipped mostly in the middle and tips.
Day #4
Conclusion for nail polish #2 : it started chipping on the second day and by the last day it was chipped mostly in the middle, edges, and tips.
The nail polish stayed on very well and didn't chip at all.
Day #2
The nail polish is good and didn't chip, it only rubbed off at the tips a little bit.
Day #3
Our Question
Our question is which nail polish
will chip the fastest and which
nail polish will stay on the longest?
Nail Polish Project
By: Joanna and Huda
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