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Rules #5-8

No description

Brad Eatme

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Rules #5-8

Papa Bradford and Boochie Mane's
Rules 5-8 h sdsfsdfaf Rule #5: The best companies are the
best collaborators. The next layers of value
creation - whether in technology, marketing,
biomedicine, or manufacturing - are so complex
that no single firm can handle it all. To come up with anything valuable new breakthrough,
you have to be able to combine more and more of these
increasingly granular specialities. That's why collaboration
is important. Rule #6: In a flat world, the best companies stay healthy by getting regular chest x-rays and then selling the results to their clients. Hammy = Bomb Threat

(calm down, he's short; he's just
got a big voice) [I quoted you, don't
get pissy] Many video game makers commission special
music for their games. This helps them sell many
more copies of their games as well as giving them
the opportunity to sell that music on CD or online. There is a growing demand from
companies to have their business broken
down and examined to see all costs and income sources so they can show it to their stockholders. HP does their own chest x-rays
and realized that they have assests
that a large banking firm in India wants.
Now HP runs the backroom policies for
the Bank Of India. Rule #7: The best companies outsource to win,
not to shrink. They outsource to innovate faster and
more cheaply in order to grow larger, gain market share,
and hire more and different specialists - not to save money
by firing more people. Simply put, these companies outsource to hire
smarter innovators to make money
faster so that they can expand faster. Rule #8: HOW you do things as a company
matters now more than ever before. [Which
reminds me of that one song..."Shes a MANIAC/
MANIAC on the floor/And shes dancing like
she's never danced befooorrrreee" The way companies do things matter to customers.
They are no longer fortresses where noone could compare
business to business. Nowadays they are transparent and
customers can see their policies and the way they get things
done. Spiders... ...to Scary movies... ...to me being maimed to Slayer tracks... = Hammy + Funny stuff here [see, we're
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