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No description

zachary sturdevant

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of biomass

Double click anywhere & add an idea Biomass Where does my energy source come from? The Sun How does my enery source work? Plants store the suns energy in its roots and leaves. when we eat biomass, we use the energy to move and grow we burn biomass to make heat has it been used successfully in the past?
yes, we can change the energy in biomass into a gas and liquid fuels Biomass energy is usually not very expensive because it is not used in big proportions advantages inexhaustible fuel source
minimal inviormental impact
makes relitively clean burning fuels disadvantages
Particulate pollution if directly burned
expensive source in in producing biomass
and converting it into alchohols Biomass is a renewable resource Additional Information The importance of biomass will
undoubedly increase the coming years
as the prices of fossil fuels increase and the enviormental concern of the general population becomes better focused and informed. Biomass will not readily replace all of th fossil fuels we use
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