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Concept Sketching

No description

Dave Papenhaus

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Concept Sketching

Concept Sketching
Items to include
user interactions
Items to omit
assembly instructions
packaging details
production deails
Concept Sketch
Exploded Technical Sketch
Technical Drawing
Concept Sketching
"A picture is worth a thousand words"...
Include notes or descriptions to help assist your sketch convey your ideas.
Do not make assumptions that your audience has any prior knowledge of your subject
Technical Drawings
Provide all the final details.

Used as a guide or a tool to create the object
Exploded Technical Drawings
Assist in the manufacturing process

Useful in troubleshooting, or for assembly

Often passed on to consumers
Sketching Review
Concept sketches should paint the picture for the audience, about what they see.

It should thoroughly detail the object, as they see it.

The audience should be able to associate the object with its function.
What is in a sketch?
Details that give the audience information about the form of the object.
Details that give the audience information about features of the object.
Outline the function of the object.
Sketching- It's a process...
Sketching should paint the basic picture.
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