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The First Fleet

See How Arthur Phillip Went On His Journey To Australia

Joshua W

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The First Fleet

The First Fleet The British Government
decided to establish a
The ships they sent to establish the colony were called The First Fleet How Did It Happen? They gathered 11 ships
including... And 1044
People The Alexander,
The Borrowdale,
The Charlotte,
The Fishbourne,
The Friendship,
The Golden Grove,
The Ladypenhyn,
The Prince Of Whales,
The Scarebrough,
The H.M.S Supplies
H.M.S Sirus. The Fleet left from Portsmouth. ....and sailed to Botany Bay in Sydney. The Captain was
worried because the soil was
too soggy to grow crops and the water was too shallow to moor the boats. So the captain decided to go somewhere else. He tried Port Jackson because it had never been explored before. He liked the look of it so he named the place Manly Cove. The Captain returned to Botany Bay
to fetch the rest of the Fleet. The Fleet Stayed at Port Jackson for a couple of days. But.. one morning the
Captain was surprised
to see two ships arrive in
French colours. But luckily the wind blew them away. That was the story of the First Fleet.
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