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Vemma Team Familia Leadership Training

No description

Diego Avila

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Vemma Team Familia Leadership Training

Resources Needed: 90 Day Challenge Google+
Skype Premium
MLM Pocket Coach App
Nice Apparel
New Brand Member Handout Copies
Hot Spot 7 Steps to 7 Figures Matt Morris Rule Book Leadership - Have a vision - Get good at telling the story #VTF - Get good at recruiting - Get good at selling the product Presentation Training. Learn how to present this PowerPoint. Becoming a GREAT Presenter! Developing your Skills The Nine most Important Proven keys to Becoming an Effective Presenter
Developing New Skills Takes Time, NO one is a Natural
Accelerate Your Learning – Always Have a Voice Recorder and Journal
Turn Your Car into a Mobile Classroom – Listen to Personal Development Developing Your Skills
5 M’s = More Meetings Means More Money
Guard Your Mind against Negative Self-Talk
Only Give Positive Feedback, Avoid Criticism
How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything!!
The Time Will NEVER Be Just "Right!" So Start Presenting Today.
You Don't Want To Be The King, You Want To Be The King Maker. Developing Your Skills Present
Share with your Prospect the Vemma Opportunity
Answer: Is it Real? Can I do it? What is in it for ME?
Make the Product the Superstar
Show them VEMMA is Their solution Close
Be Ready to sign them up!
Always Ask for the Close
Overcome Objections
Get them in the System OPEN
Opening Up Your Prospect
Discovering Hot Buttons
Ask Ask, then Ask again!
Create a Little Pain
Get Ready for the Close! Developing Your Skills The 11 Proven To Successfully Opening
Your Prospect
Presenter MUST be Properly Edified
Believe 100% They are Getting Started
One Chance to Make a First Impression – Eye Contact,Smile,
Gentle Touch to Build Trust, Business Attire
Sit Next to Your Prospect Successful Opening The 11 Proven To Successfully Opening
Your Prospect Successful Opening The 11 Proven To Successfully Opening
Your Prospect
Remember, Your Body Never lies! So Be Confident!!! (Lean Forward)
Always Be Prepared (Documents, Laminates, Brochures
& Product) Successful Opening Three Stages of Presenting
“Right now, I’m going to give you enough information to make an educated decision if Vemma can help change you & your families financial future. With you taking up your time, and of course me taking up my time – When we are finished today give me a simple yes or a simple no. Obviously, because you and I both know “maybe” or “think about it” is just a nice way of saying no. Is that fair with you?” Change Their Listening The 12 Proven Steps on How You can Become an Effective Presenter Presenting Get Your Prospect in the “Yes” mode! (Does that Make Sense? Do You See What I am Saying? Follow me?)
Remove all Objections in the Presentation
Paint them Into the Picture (WIIFM – Whats in it for Me?)
Always Use Voice Inflection when Speaking
Good Presentations will:
1. Educate 2. Entertain 3. Inspire Presenting Make Fun of Yourself Before the Prospect does
Give Commercials for the Next Event – What are you Branding?
People do NOT care what you have done. They care WHERE you are Going! Presenting Call to Action Logic & Reason Attack and Confess Identify How You can close the Believability Gap Believability Gap The 12 Proven Steps on How You can Become an Effective Closer CLOSING! Use a Cushion – Remember: Feel, Felt, Found
Persistence Wears Down Resistance –
Seven “No’s” Equal a Yes
If They are Still Sitting They want In!!!
(Keep on Closing!!!)
Fill Out the App for them! CLOSING! People will be Afraid to not Join you, IF they Believe You Know where You are Going!
Some people Close to live, Others Live to Close
If You do Not get the Close, Leave Them Happy and Get them Next time! CLOSING! People Do NOT Care What You Know Until They Know What You Care
Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money
Get Them Saying "Me Too", Not "So What"
Ask Open Door Questions. (What, When, Where, How, Why)
Be A Great Listener, Give Physical And Spoken Feedback
Close Look them in the Eyes & Get a Firm Handshake. Always Start your Presentation with the Close! Understanding the first part of influencing.
Identification is EVERYTHING
Open up to something different
Decision making is 20% Logical and 80% Emotional Confidence, Urgency, Fear of Loss
Be Ready to Sign them Up
ALWAYS Expect a Builder Pack
Did You see a “Why”? (Hot Button)
Ask a Closing Question and SHUT UP!! Vision There are three things that affect your vision. What people say about you
Results you've experienced in life
What you say and what you think about yourself "Hang around people that celebrate you, not tolerate you." Be sure to incorporate this training into your speech and if you're a leader make sure you know how to present this information. Cold Market Prospecting Cesar Rodriguez Cold Market Prospect Training "No one is going to pay a Professional Salary for an amateur skill set." YOU MUST BECOME A LEADER IN ORDER TO GET PAID WELL Step #1 Dream BIG Dreams Step #2 Become an Expert Step #3 Create a game plan Step #4 Achieve Massive Action Step #5 Leadership Step #6 Vision Step #7 Responsibility Part-Time:
Full-Time: 10 No's in a row in a week 10 No's in a row a day Clayton & Diego Cold Market Prospect Training Master Key to Network Marketing
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