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Full House

No description

Jessie Polsky

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Full House

Full House
Family sitcom centers around the family life of sports broadcaster later turned morning talk show host Danny Tanner and his three little girls, D.J, Stephanie, and Michelle
Before the show begins, Danny Tanner's wife is killed by a drunk driver
To help raise his three girls, he asks his rock musician brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, and his best friend, Joey Gladstone, to move in with them
As the show progresses, Jesse marries Rebecca Donaldson, Danny's co host of the talk show, and they eventually have two kids
Full House takes its viewers through all the ups and downs of life and teaches important lessons

Major Issues/ Goals
Danny has obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder
Has to deal with his wife's death and raising his three girls without her
He needs to go to work and make money, but he also has to take on all the responsibilities of his deceased wife
He eventually wants to start dating again and to remarry, but has to deal with how his daughters will react to it
Danny needs help raising his girls and getting by in life without his wife to help guide the way

Pamela Katsopolis- Pam was Danny's wife. She died in a car crash shortly before the show starts. After her death, Danny has a hard time with dating other people.
Vicky Larson- Vicky is Danny's girlfriend and brief fiancee. They have some problems, like Vicky being offered a job in Chicago. She moves, and their relationship becomes harder over long-distance. Soon, Danny proposes to Vicky, and she says "yes." Before they could walk down the aisle, Vicky is offered her dream job in New York. Danny, saddened by this, tells her that it's over, saying, "I can't ask you to give up your dream, so I guess I'll have to give up mine."
Joey Gladstone- Danny's best childhood friend. He moves in with Danny after Pam dies to help raise his 3 kids. He acts as an uncle to the kids.
Jesse Katsopolis- Jesse is Danny's brother-in-law and moves in on the first episode to help with Danny's kids. He only plans to stay a few weeks but ends up staying for the whole series. He was Pam's brother.

Danny has a brother and a sister, but they are not mentioned much in the show
D.J. (Donna Jo)- Danny's oldest daughter. She feels like her dad always embarrasses her or pries into her life too much, but she knows he has her best interests at heart. She gets irritated about the limits her father gives her and although she breaks them, she always learns the lessons that Danny teaches her.
Stephanie- Danny's middle child. When she is little, she loves spending time with Danny. She goes through a stage where she never wants Danny to leave her side. Danny is overprotective of her, especially when she starts dating.
Michelle- Danny's youngest daughter. Danny is overprotective of Michelle. He spoils her and treats her like a baby throughout most of the series. Once she grows up, he won't have any kids left to raise, so he wants her to take her time maturing.

Danny Tanner's Personality
Danny is considered to be the "not hip dad" or the "uncool" character
He sees himself as the "raddest, baddest" dad ever
Danny is also obsessed with cleaning, and wants to make sure there's no speck of dust, dirt, or mildew on anything he owns
His motto is, "Clean is good, dirt is bad."
At times, Danny is overprotective of his daughters
He has a habit of spoiling Michelle and treating her like a baby
He seems to have a lot of authority on his daughters
Important Relationships
Danny - special father/daughter relationship although as she ages becomes more independent.
Uncle Jesse - major influence when she was younger, spent a lot of time together (playing, talking, etc)
Joey Gladstone - example of one of the best adult to kid relationship
DJ Tanner- Stephanie loves being the annoying, nosy little sister to DJ, shared a room for most seasons, love each other but definitely got along better as they got older
Michelle Tanner- looks up to Stephanie, may annoy each other but still love each other, enjoy being nosy towards DJ together.

Major Issues/Goals
Stephanie, although the middle child, still manages to be noble, intelligent, and well behaved.
However she's weak with peer pressure.
Deals with the toughest issues out of the 3 sisters
"make out" parties
making new friends
joy riding
witnessing child abuse towards a friend
the death of her mother (although all girls deal with this)
Works hard in everything that she does whether it's dance, school work, or being a Honey Bee (the equivalent to Brownies or Girl Scouts)

Stephanie Tanner
Middle sister
Attends Frasier Street Elementary School and DiMaggio Junior High School
Generally the most athletic out of all the Tanner girls (even considered a Tomboy in seasons 4 and 5)
Her main hobby/extracurricular activity was dancing
Stephanie's mother died when she was only 5 years old
Learns a lot about herself and life throughout the course of the show.

-Catie Bombard
Being the middle child, Stephanie constantly feels left out. Used to resent the amount of attention her younger sister Michelle got
Was attached to a bear her mother gave her when she was younger.
Catch phrases in her earlier seasons
How rude!
Pin a rose on your nose!
Nobody asked me!


Danny's Important Relationships

Alfred Adler's Psychoanalytic Approach: Stephanie Tanner
The Socially Useful Type: strives to do good for the sake of society
Stephanie always wants what's best for her and her family.
Cares for those around her.
Good example of this would be when her friend was being abused by his parents.
Talked to Uncle Jesse and called a help number
really cares about her friend
Adler's Birth Order Theory

Stephanie is the middle child.
Adler sees personality traits of those type of children which definitely match up with some of Stephanie's behavior.
feels the need to keep up
wanting attention
even tempered

Stephanie's Big 5
Stephanie correlates most with 2 out of the 5 traits. Extraversion and Agreeableness
she's very talkative, especially when young
Emotional expressiveness- she is very open about something when it bothers her or excites her.
Affectionate especially with her family, even as she gets older.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Throughout the show, Stephanie becomes fixated Love/Belong level of the hiearchy.

Level focuses on friendship, family, and sexual intimacy.
Although her family loves her, the idea and behaviors of being the middle child gets in the way of her seeing this.
As she matures she has trouble starting more intimate relationships with boys.
Deals with peer pressure
More specific example is when she has to go to a different middle school than her other friends.
worried about making new friends
fitting in

Karen Horney's Psychoanalytic Theory: Danny Tanner
Danny's Big 5 Traits
Hierarchy of Needs
Stephanie Tanner can be best analyzed through Adler's appraches, most specifically the idea of compensation. Being the middle child and constantly feeling the need to "Catch up", Stephanie tries to make up for her deficiencies in other areas. This is what also ultimately leads her to stay fixated at the Love/Belonging level of Maslow's hierarchy.

Parental indifference leads children to develop anxiety and neuroticism
Danny's parents had gotten divorced, which means there was tension in his household growing up
Danny Tanner shows signs of the third neurotic type: Withdrawn- He has a neurotic need for perfection. He is self-sufficient and independent (due to his wife's passing)
An example of Danny being emotionally unstable is when he can't settle down with a new woman after his wife dies
An example of Danny being obsessive is with his cleaning his house constantly and making sure everything is always in order
Danny is most conscientious out of the "big five"
He is thoughtful, has good impulse control, has goal-directed behaviors, is very organized and is mindful of details
He has to raise his daughters who can be quite a handful but has proven that he has good impulse control
Danny also likes to stay very organized, so although he has so many things going on at once like his job, dating, and taking care of his kids, he is always very well put together
Danny shows signs of not having the personality trait of extroversion
He is not very social because he is so consumed with everything else that takes over his life
He also doesn't have high amounts of emotional expressivemess and instead tends to keep to himself when it comes to relationships and new friendships
Danny's primary level of fixation is at level four: esteem
Throughout the series, Danny is at the point in his life where he mostly has or desires to have self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, and respect by others
He knows where he stands in life
He has kids, a house, and a stable job
He knows what is expected from him and does what he can to get by and make the best out of life with his family and friends

Danny's Conclusion
Danny Tanner can be best analyzed through the "big five" personality characteristic of Conscientiousness. He is very thoughtful because he always thinks and puts his daughters' needs before his own. His behavior is all goal-directed because he has the intentions of raising his family right and takes precautions in order to ensure that he will achieve his goals. There are many lessons that he teaches his girls. Everything that he does is organized and detail-oriented.
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