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PlanGrid vs Bluebeam Symposium

No description

Emma Chase

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of PlanGrid vs Bluebeam Symposium

"The construction app that works for you!"
Is PlanGrid right for you?
PlanGrid vs Bluebeam Symposium

The Basics
PlanGrid in the Office
PlanGrid in the Field
Getting Started
Side by Side
Towson University West Village Housing, phases 3 & 4
designed to be used in the field
can be accessed on an iPad/tablet
created specifically for construction by construction engineers
creation, mark-up, & editing capabilities
improve collaboration in the field
automatic version control
real-time updates and automatic file synching
Interface - the basic tabs
Document Control
specs, schedules, & RFI's
anything else you want to attach to a drawing
tracks any conflicts on the drawings or on the site
where you can create QC or safety reports
RFIs - full RFI log, RFI details, and as-built drawings
Photos - log of all the photos taken on site
Team - lists contact info for people who the project is shared with
Founded in 2011 by a group of construction engineers & software engineers
Headquartered in San Francisco
What is PlanGrid?
construction software designed for the field
collaborative platform for sharing construction information
replaces paper blueprints and brings the benefits of version control to field workers
platform provides real-time updates and seamless file synching over Wi-Fi and cellular networks
Can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smart phone
RFI log
Attachments – creating & linking to drawings
Generating reports

Progress photos
Push to master
Types of issues: safety (SY), quality control (QC)

What's the issue?
Create the Report
Add Back-up
(photos, specs, submittals, schedules)
any questions?
drawing mark-ups (with RFI & sketch content)
one digital, up-to-date master set of drawings
available offline in the field
Adding, tagging, and filtering sheets
"sheets" tab
user uploads and system names/places
tag for simplified searching
Issuance tracking
Detail recognition
How to create an issue report:
Push to Master
Assign to a sub
History of Bluebeam
Founded in 2002
Pdf creator & editor
Revu - Editor
Vu - Viewer
Desktop & tablet solutions
How we use Bluebeam
How else can we use Bluebeam???
What is studio?
Bluebeam's cloud storage solution
How does it work?
Document-based online collaboration in real time
Document management system in the cloud for PDFs and other files.
Tell me more about projects
Folder tree can store any files you want
Drawings, RFIs, Submittals & more
These are stored on a Bluebeam server (the cloud)
Access is restricted and monitored by the project owner
Files may be marked-up, linked and saved current for the project team
When mark-ups are taking place, the file may be "checked-out"
Studio projects can be logged-in via iPad
Files available offline when synced ahead of time
What Else?
no additional cost to WT
get your .nwd files to your iPad
file tree includes much more than drawings
hyperlink to referenced sheets
photo attachment
...Or is Bluebeam?
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