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LA VNB Community Cultural Wealth

No description

Victoria Benavides

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of LA VNB Community Cultural Wealth

Community Cultural Wealth
The ability to maintain hopes and dreams for the future even in the face of both real and perceived barriers.
The intellectual and social skills attained from experiences in different communication styles and languages.
Cultural awareness and knowledge rooted in community memories and histories among familia.
presented by: Victoria Navarro Benavides & Lesly Avila
Tara Yosso
Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) model recognizes the strengths of communities of color possess and encourages us to recognize our experiences, skills, and knowledge as positive contributions.
Maneuvering through institutions for the purpose of surviving it in the present and using lessons learned to inform future events.
Describes the skills and knowledge rooted in oppositional behaviors used to address inequality
A network of resources such as community and people.
Seattle University
Leaf tales

Theory behind Community Cultural Wealth

Case Studies

Reflection: Head, Heart, Hands & Feet
Empowering Ourselves and Others:
Share about a time you overcame an obstacle to achieve something important to you?
How has your culture influenced the way you express yourself? (Language, music, phrases, art, etc.)
What is one significant lesson your family (whatever this means for you) has taught you?
Community Poem
Why is it important to see the strengths we have as students of color?

And what community cultural wealth are you most proud of?
Presentation adapted from Victoria Navarro Benavides, Theresa Brostowitz, & Doug McAcy
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