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Eunice Tan

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is Advertising?
- It promotes a product, service or event to its target audience

- Such products, services or events were created to fulfill a need in the marketplace

- Advertising is written by copywriters and finished with artwork by graphic designers

- Many mediums can be used to channel advertisements
Duties and Responsibilities
1) Formulate basic layout designs, specify material details

2) Review and approve proofs made by other members of the team

3) Manage own accounts and projects

4) Work within budget and scheduling requirements

5) Collaborate with other creative, art, copy-writing or production departments on ideas

6) Create ad campaigns that leave a lasting impression

Graphic Designer/ Art Director
Basic Job Description:

Formulate design concepts and presentation approaches, and create art work, layout design, and collaborate with a copy writer for visual communications media, such as magazines, books, newspapers, and packaging.
Working Conditions
- Freelance or Advertising Agency

- Hours are generally from 8am-5pm

- Extra hours may be required if there are deadlines to be met

- Long hours can be disrupting and stressful

- Work is primarily office based, can depend on project or employer

- Some out of office work may be needed to meet with clients

- Dress code can vary

Qualifications and Training Required
- Degrees in Art such as Graphic Design

- Knowledge of various computer programs such as Adobe.

- Photoshop

- Portfolio is required to show examples of art work.

- Marketing Degree is an advantage
Advancement, Earnings and Outlook
- With experience, advancement to higher positions with managerial qualities

- Median Salary of $43,180

- Up to $77,000 for a Senior Position

- Job growth is expected to be as fast as the average of all positions

- Keen competition among other designers

Detailed Development Plan
- Complete School
- Graduate with a double degree
- BA in Art (Graphic Design)
- BSBA in Marketing
- Prepare my Portfolio
- Look out for advertising jobs that require skills from both my degrees (Branding)
- Internship with Big
Informative Presentation

Eunice Tan
How many advertisements do you think you are exposed to in a day?

5? 10?? 15??

“The average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day.”

So... What Do I Want To Do?
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("How Many Ads")
("What is Advertising?")
("Art Director Job")
Thank you :)
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