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Business Model Research Project

No description

Jun Jeong

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Business Model Research Project

Business Model Research Project

Jun Jeong

Areas of disagreement
- Implicated in many corruptions

- Expensive

1997- Kim-Tak-Jin built NC soft.
1998- Lineage
(more than 100,000 people play this game every time)
2003- Lineage 2
annual income: 130 million dollar
Very famous game company in Korea

Areas of admiration
- First

- High quality

- Challenge

History of Samsung
1938- Lee-Byoung-Chul built Samsung corporation
in Seould, Korea.
1963- Merged Dongbang company.
1969- Started to make electric devices.
1976- Color TV
1987- Lee-Gun-He became new president
1998- Digital TV
2008- Smart phone
2012- Invented Android app with google.
Galaxy S

Biggest company in South Korea.

Area of admiration
-Donate many times.

-Fun games

-Hire many poor people or who didn't graduate college
Areas of disagreement

- Produce violent game

- Game for adults but..

Colorado Sounds
-Kevin Clock established Colorado Sounds in 1977 on 3100 w 71st Ave
-Hosted many national artists like Eminem, Steve miller, Natasha Bedinfield, D' angelo and Ginger Baker.
- Recorded many famous music.

Areas of admiration

- Professional

- Great equipments and instruments.

- 85 dollars for one hour. (Reasonable and cheap)

Area of disagreement

- Too busy.

- Waited for hour to get in the studio.
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