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What Is Go-GO Music

No description

isaa smith

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of What Is Go-GO Music

Who was influenced by Go-Go music ?
Mostly people in the chocolate city (Washington, D.C.) witch were mostly African Americans, Blacks, Go-Go also had a humongous impact on males.
Did Go-Go carry on ?
Go-Go is still here today in Artist like Wale, TOB and is influenced by many other styles of music today.
The Immortal sound of Go-Go Music
Who is the founder of go-go music ?

Chuck Brown is the founder of the iconic go-go sound, influenced by local Latin percussion ensembles, disco, Grover Washington's hit single Mr. Magic and funk.
What Is Go-GO Music ?
Go-go is a subgenre associated with funk that originated in the Washington, D.C., area during the mid-1960s to late-'70s.
The history of Go-Go music.
The Junk Yard Band

Chuck (The Godfather) Brown

Rare Essence

Blue: Male
Red: Female
How Go-Go has influenced Washington D.C.
R.I.P Chuck (The Godfather) Brown
Chuck Brown
Found in the late 1970'S
The Junk Yard Band
Found in the early 1980's
Rare Essence
Found in the early 1976's
Buggs, Gene Pratt, KC, Mo Shorter, Wink-O, Daniel Baker, Demi-Doc, T-Bob, Dre Dog, Bruce Bailey, Dave Ellis aka 32, Plucky, Mike Strong, Blue Eye Darryl, Peetey, Black Pooh, Jason Lane
Instruments used.
Drum kit, keyboards, synthesizer, conga, timbales, cowbell, bass guitar, electric guitar, saxophone, brass instruments.
Information on the "Junk Yard Band"
Origin- Washington D.C., USA
Member: Chuck Brown
Hit song: Bustin Loose
Information on "Chuck Brown"
- Washington, D.C., USA
Hit Song-Sardines
Hit Song-Work The Walls
Members: Anthony "Redds"
"Whiteboy" "Funky Ned" Big Horn Jas. Funk Godfather DC David Green,Marky Owens
Bunny, Scotty The Maniac Jungle Boogie D-Floyd Go-Go Mickey Freeman, BJ, DP (JB) "X" (Shorty Dud) "Blue"
"32" "Bojack"

Guiding Questions - How has Go-Go changed over time?
Information on "Rare Essence."
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