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GIS Institute Roadmap

Roadmap for GIS Institute - Goals

J Kerski

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of GIS Institute Roadmap

GIS Institute What are GeoTechnologies? GIS
Remote Sensing Spatial Thinking Geographic Inquiry Process
One is the Loneliest Number... Course Philosophies:
1. It is a Journey.
2. GIS=hw, sw, data, procedures, PEOPLE.
3. Goals: Confidence... I can do this.
Excitement... I want to go further.
Knowledge....I know the next steps.
Connections... I know how to connect with others if I need help. 4. We won't go through every single button...
5. We will model good instructional practice.
You have 2 roles: student AND instructor.
6. Plant ideas: OK if you're not teaching about plate tectonics! Why Spatial Analysis in Education? 10 Reasons.
1. Tied to real issues.
2. Bloom's taxonomy.
3. Outdoor Education: Last Child in the Woods
4. Standards-based.
5. Inquiry-driven. GIS allows "what if we ..." Who is ESRI? 6. Engaging: Maps and imagery. Investigations. The same tools as professionals use.
7. Career pathways.
8. Native ways of learning and knowing.
9. Green technology.
10. Community Connections Lets' go! What are
YOUR goals? A Tiny Little Secret A few questions:
Do I really need to know about Map Projections
How can I find spatial data?
How can I use spatial data?
How do I know if data is any good?
How can I get updated data?
How can I create my own projects? A Few Issues:
Professional Development Web GIS
Desktop GIS
Web + Desktop Name Some Issues
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