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All About Me Project- Joanne Jimenez

No description

Joanne Jimenez

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of All About Me Project- Joanne Jimenez

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Joanne Jimenez All About Me :) Who's in my family ? I have 6 people in my family including me.
My dad, my mom, my eldest brother Jake, my other brother Jason, me, then my little sister Jasmine. My Hobbies .. Cooking Food. I love ... Puppies :) I know this may seem weird but I don't like Skittles Sports and Style Random Facts.. I don't know
my height My friends that I treat like
sisters are... Christine who I call my "Twinzie" Noelle my BSF (Best Sister Forever) To go shopping Listening
to music I'm shy but
i love to sing Playing games
on my laptop Hanging out
with my friends This Japanese character named
Totoro My Melody &
Hello Kitty My family &
friends My cellphone &
iPod Music My Personal Dislikes I don't like being
called "Mara and Jo" I hate when I
get lower than 70%
on any subject I super dislike it
when I'm broke I dislike it when
I get bored I dislike it when
I can't sleep I highly dislike carrots My friends call me Small Petite I can't sleep
without my blanket
because my blanket
protects me from the evil
dragons and monters I have a Twinzie
named Christine I have a big & fat phone
called the S3 My nails are
my weapons I have more then 5 stuffies around my room I sometimes talk to
non-living objects I love to play
the piano Swimming Badminton Baketball I like being simple I also like being classy
and formal I also love wearing cozy
sweaters and now for style.. I play the clarinet I was born on October 19th
in the year 2000 in the Philippines
I moved to Canada is the
year 2005 in April So that was all about me :)
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