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PITCH - Pâtisserie Taffin

No description

Steph Anie

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of PITCH - Pâtisserie Taffin

The Pâtisserie Taffin and its brand identity

A french bakery shop : pastries and restaurant service

Located in the 6th borough of Lyon

Familial business : marketing strategy with a traditional aspect

Excellent "pâtisserie" which deserves to be more well-known

Engaging loyal customers who could have strong influence on their close environment

Importance of the word of mouth

Apparition in Websites or forums (My Little Lyon, Petit Paumé)

Facebook page adds valuable information and facilitates the circulation of it

Creating a "Loyal card"
PITCH - Pâtisserie Taffin

But first...some short facts about it
First steps into the world of social media
What are potential influencers and how to engage with them?
What KPIs will measure?
Convincing new customers via digital campaign

Developing a new clients relationship-management

All you need is taste
Already existing Facebook page
BUT no current updates or information -
so no additional benefit for customers
Social Media Channels
Creating a blog to share new recipes, pictures...

Beeing present on other users' blogs
Social Media Networks
Creating a proper homepage

Publishing more often on its Facebook page
Instagram and Pinterest =
Online and mobile communities of photosharing, #Taffinpâtisserie
Wireframe of new Homepage
Shared values
Think outside of the box
What about a new digital campaign

Idea 1: Creation of a virtual bakery

A web application which could allow customers to create its own pastry = Pastries collections according to their desires

Idea 2:Video to make the right choice

Predefined videos which help by interaction process to elaborate a pastry depending on the taste of customers

Local and traditional pastry shop

Good reputation, but lack of popularity

Rustic and classic logo, but classy
Brand identity
Making profit
Increasing number of visitors
Beeing a reference in terms of pastries
What are the goals to accomplish?
As Kotler said "Social media networks will play an increasingly influential role in shaping brand evolutions"
choice 1:
vanilla cream
choice 2:
chocolate chips
Idea 3: Share your taste

Customers write on a post-it on a wall in one word, what they liked in the pastry they had

Shared values
for free
Stephanie Graf
Julie Maillard
Manon François
Marc Antoine Giffard
Charles Granet
Victor Linder
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