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Bally Total Fitness

No description

Lucy Hicks

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Bally Total Fitness

FITNESS THAT FITS Bally Total FItness Account Executives
Chris Fairchild & Andrew Cole

Account Planner
Lucy Hicks

Media Planner
Catherine Morgan

PR & Promotions
Lauren Mullins and Heather Gallagher

Michael Palma, Lauren Cronon, Katie Ackerman and Peter Bauman Situation Analysis

Longstanding roots in the health and fitness industry dating back to 1983
Over 300 clubs nationwide
Nutrition counseling, personal training, group fitness classes
Faced 2 bankruptcies, but are now seeking to rebrand

Health clubs began gaining popularity in the 80’s
Growing interest in group fitness classes
A decline in personal fitness training
Because of the economy, money and time constraints are consumer’s main criteria in choosing health clubs
Vital for fitness industry to focus on unique, flexible and affordable workout plans

Competitive Analysis

Required long-term
Difficult membership
Consumer complaints
Lack of equipment
Poor customer service

Bally is cost-effective
Increasingly health-concoious society
American obesity
Target Market always trying to improve appearance
Target market are high users of social media

Free/lower cost on-campus gyms avalable to target market
Economic recession reducing disposable income
Increase in at-home workout equipment (Bowflex, Wii Fit)

Marketing Objective, Strategy, and Rationale
To increase membership
sales for Bally Total
Fitness by 15% nationwide
by the fiscal year of 2011

Use a combination of traditional advertising communication,
developing a strong brand
presence through social
networks, guerilla marketing
techniques, and internal

Disjointed perception of Bally
Re-brand and create a more positive perception; develop strong online presence with Bally's website and social networks
Positive perception leads to club visits
Internal employee training sessions will improve quality of service, membership experience, and common overall sales
Advertising Objective, Strategy, and Rationale
To shift the perception of Bally Total Fitness from a company associated with poor service to one of high service by 25% with 18-24 fitness minded individuals.
Traditional campiagn focusing on high quality of service
Media mix of television, magazines, interactive and
social media
Reach target market in social networks they actively participate in
Add a focus in local markets by advertising in local magazines
Use national magazines for overall brand attention
Local and national television is actively consumed by the entire target market Creative Brief
Ultimate goal:new perception of brand
"Fits" to a variety of schedules, budgets, personal fitness goals
Archetypes-personalized for humorous and relatable approach
Creates a community that "fits" every type of potential customer
PR campaign for a community-building atmosphere within Bally
Guerilla marketing in on-the-go places they frequent

The Cardio Queen
The Newbie
The Pilates Hottie
The Gun Show
The Quickie (male)
The Quickie (female)
The Bridal Bod
The Abaholic
The Napoleon
The Baller Online Banner Ads Print Ads TV Spots
Coasters Guerilla Executions
Koozies Public Relations Promotions Pros vs. Joes Event
Sponsorship Facebook Twitter YouTube Corporate
Top 15 DMA's in lifestyle and nightlife magazines
(explain 15 regions whoever says this)
Comedy Central

Super Bowl Advertisement
Banner advertisements
Flash videos
YouTube, Hulu sponsor advertisements
Skins on the magazine websites
Google cost-per-click

Evaluation Website/Online Public Relations Print Ads Marketing Monthly Email Survey "Fitness that Fits" Creative Executions Social Media ALS Fun Run
Expand ALS Fun Run
Expand Pros V. Joes to the 15 city market spots chosen
Emplyee training incentive programs
Increase national magazine presence
Monitor local avertisements
Major focus on continued online presence Future
Recommendations MONTAGE Media Brand Essence
National presence
Many clubs with local markets
Branded national products
Low membership prices
Charitable contributions to the ALS
Diverse selectins of fitness classes and sports facilities
27+ years experience in the health club industry Key fact: high quality customer service combined with a wide array of products and services. Problem: Consumers perceive Bally Total Fitness as a cheap, poor quality fitness center that cannot satisfy their workout needs.
Objective:To shift the perception of Bally Total Fitness from a company associated with poor service to one of high quality by 25% of 18-24 year old fitness minded individuals Insights: Generation GTL and Amateur Professionals Promise: a customizable and personalized fitness experience tailored to each member’s unique goals Vehicles: Social Media, National and Local magazines, Television Advertising, Online, Guerilla The Archetypes Local Magazines National
Magazines Guerilla Fatheads Coasters Koozies Fitness bands Cable Advertising Network
Advertising Online Advertising Objective Rationale Strategy Rationale Strategy Objective Company History Consumer &
Industry Trends Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Plays of the Day Bally Olympics Internal Training Weekly Playlist
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