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Feudal Japan & Feudal Europe

Comparision between Feudal Japan & Feudal Europe

Farrah Hassan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Feudal Japan & Feudal Europe

Feudal Japan & Feudal Europe Comparison between Feudal Japan & Feudal Europe Japanese and European feudalism shared a number of similarities Both in political structure and in social values Feudal Japan Landowners were called Daimyo

Soldiers were known as Samurai

Military leaders were known as Shoguns

Feudal Europe Landowners were called Lords

In Europe soldiers for protection were called Knights

Knights were Christians

Both the European and Japanese emperor systems developed as a result of a weak central government Most European kings did not have much power , after Charlemagne's death Because strong central governments did not exist, individual landowners were able to gain power in both regions Both lords and daimyo and many peasants working for them. Personal loyalty was greatly valued Bushido Samurai were generous , fearless in battle , and above all , they were loyal to their daimyo, or lord Chivalry
Knights were kind to the weak, loyal to their lord, and courageous Both knights and samurai were expected to be deeply religious Christianity was based on the teachings of Jesus Christ Samurai practiced Buddhism known as Zen Buddhism is based on the teachings of the Buddha Japanese Houses European Castles
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