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1920's Woman

No description

casey gentry

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of 1920's Woman

By: Casey Gentry, Caleb Gray,
Magi Asuncion, Emma Jager 1920's Woman Customs, Married, Courtship, Property Ownership Education Clothing/ Personal Appearance What Woman Thought/ What woman wrote The
End Cars- They allowed freedom for couples to leave the house and go "out for a date." Thanks to the car dating was born.
Marriage- The idea marriage was called "Companionate Marriage" this meant that the female and male shared same interests and socialzied with other couples. (What we call double dating) The fisrt generation of Educated Woman in the 1920's found work only in "Womens Professions"
These jobs consisted of Nursing, teaching, social work, and within medicine. Young Woman became know as Flappers.
Flappers- Woman who wore short dress, silk stocking below the knee, plucked their eyebrows, wrapped their chest areas tightly to make a boyish silhouette, wore rouge, and bobbed their hair up. They danced in Charleston, smoked cigarettes(in public) and drove cars. Young Woman- Looked at life with a "Who Cares" attitude and they felt independent. May worte about their partying lives as well.
Elderly Women- Viewed young womes life as ridiculous, they kept their old fashioned life style.
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