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Maleficent Archetypes

No description

Asma Alriyashi

on 7 February 2016

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Transcript of Maleficent Archetypes

Character Archetypes
Hero and villain: Maleficent
Character Archetypes
Damsel in distress: Princess Aurora
Devil figure: King Stefan
Character Archetypes
Loyal retainer/helper: Diaval (crow)
Character Archetypes
Stefan- the human that Maleficent was attracted to, but he ultimately brought her downfall by cutting off her wings so he can be king.
Maleficent was a beautiful woman who was a queen of her own forest Kingdom. One day an invading human army disturbs her kingdom. She protects her land fiercely. Until one day the king's successor, who long had a relationship with her, betrays her and steals her wings to become king. From that point she became evil and promised revenge. She cursed the successors daughter- Aurora- when he became king. By time, Maleficent realized that Aurora holds the key of peace to the kingdom and her happiness as well. The curse was broken by Maleficent herself and the wings were brought back to her by Aurora.
Character Archetypes
Maleficent's loyal servant who takes different forms to suit her purposes.
Serves as Maleficent's conscience and has strong beliefs, which he is not afraid to act upon.
Character Archetypes
The Saviour: Prince Philip
Meets Princess in forest while on his way to the king (her father)
Not the key to reverse Maleficent's curse.
Situational Archetypes
Unhealable Wound
Maleficent faces psychological hardships because of betrayal, especially from whom she thought was a lover.
It affects her life and her actions.

Situational Archetypes
Maleficent trying to find the prince to reverse/break her curse after realizing that the princess was the key to peace between both kingdoms.
Situational Archetype
Maleficent's task was to take revenge from Stefan for stealing her wings.
When she knew of the baby, she cursed the princess with a curse that no power on earth can break, except true love's kiss.

Situational Archetypes
The Fall
Stefan's betrayal caused Maleficent to change from a beautiful fairy to an evil witch.
Situational Archetypes
Good v. Evil
Maleficent= Good
She had always been innocent and friendly unless attacked

Kings= Evil
Started attack
Betrayed and hurt an innocent physically and mentally
Situational Archetypes
Nature v. Magic
Nature is related to the goodness of the creatures of the moors.
Maleficent's mood affects nature.
Magic was used in a good and bad way. It had to do with starting and revealing the conflict.
Symbolic Archetypes
Haven v. Wilderness
Haven = Forest Kingdom
Wilderness = Human Kingdom
Excessive ambition and greed in the human kingdom causes the conflicts.
Symbolic Archetypes
Light v. Darkness
Light represents peace,innocence hope, and renewal.

Darkness represents destruction and sadness.
{Maleficent's anger and despair}
Symbolic Archetypes
White Rose
Symbolizes innocence and purity.
Shows that Maleficent doesn't hate the Princess (caring mother figure)
Color Symbols
:Maleficent wore black after her wings were stolen.
Sorrow, destruction, depression, despair.

: glowing green light when cursing princess
Envy, evil, and trickery in that situation
Green kingdom represents growth, renewal, and life.
Color Symbolism
: fairies in Maleficent's Kingdom
Justice, truth, and imperial power
: During Maleficent's fight with King Stefan and his men
Attention, caution, danger.

Freedom and spirituality.

A symbol of strength and aggressiveness. They are also the power and dignity of the divinity.

: Authority,
, and magic.

: Feminine power.

Love vs. power

Being abused can make you become abusive.

Rape and its physical and psychological effects.
Prince Philip...
and Princess Aurora
Diaval's Transformations
Nature & Maleficent's Mood
Landscape Before Betrayal
Landscape After Betrayal

Asma Alriyashi
Amera Muthana
Malaka Muthana

Queen and protector of her kingdom
Betrayal turns her heart stone cold, which leads to revenge.
King Stefan's daughter who ordered that she would be raised by the 3 flower pixies.
Maleficent took care of her several times. Saves her from her curse.
Childhood friend of Maleficent
Consumed with his ambition to become King and stops at nothing to achieve his goal.
Situational Archetypes
Cycle of Life
Maleficent tells Stefan to stop hiding and come out, and his daughter does the same to her.
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