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fahad alwazzan

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Turkey

Turkey Cappadocia The Fantasy Hotel 4,000 years old Direction Details of the ticket by plane Bosphorus Bridge

Marmara sea Another nice place to visit : The construction work began in 1550 and the mosque was finished in 1558. Antioch (Antakya) Location Price per day: ranges $260 Entertainment :
Sound System
tea and coffee maker break fast * Antioch (Antakya) is a large but average-looking city in southeast Turkey, just 12 miles from the Syrian border.
* Antioch was a city of great religious importance.
*Antioch had also been the home of a large Jewish community since the city's founding in 300 BC. The Charonion is an ancient carved stone bust in the mountainside above Antioch. It dates from the time of King Antiochus in the Seleucid era (3rd century BC). Another destination that is perfect
for a summer as well as a winter vacation is
Venice. The Palazzo Ducale the Palazzo Ducale was built 14th century The most beautiful street in the whole of Venice. The city made up of 117 tiny islands, and is amazingly linked by 400 bridges over 150 canals. Traditional Food Istanbul Taksim Square Taksim Square in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey, is a major tourist and leisure district famed for its restaurants, shops, and hotels. It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul, with the central station of the Istanbul Metro network. Taksim Square is also the location of the Monument of the Republic. Sultan Ahmed Mosque Eminonu square Transportation $1 $45 $3 The cost of our trip Tickets: $2395
Hotel: $1040
Foods: about $20-35 per day
Transportation: $200
The entertainment:$700
Total:$ 4490 by Sami & Fahad Süleymaniye Mosque 1- How much is the ticket?

2- how many years takes to build Süleymaniye Mosque?

3- Name three places in Istanbul?

4- How old is Cappadocia?

5- which city was the home of a large Jewish community?

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