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Henry the Navigator

No description

Ginny Parrino

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Henry the Navigator

Exploration and Colonization
Final Destination
Which leads us to 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
List three reasons for why Columbus wanted to set sail on your handout.

He sponsored men who sought an all water route around Africa.
Henry the Navigator
They enabled people for the very first time to find their exact positions, wherever they were, even at sea, and navigate from there. They were analogue computers – like the GPS of their day!

The Crusades were religious wars fought between Christians and Muslims over control of the Holy Land.
About 1100 - 1300
The Crusades were important because Europeans became knowledgeable and interested in the world, especially trading with the East.
The Crusades
Silk Road
China also had explorers, however they began to close their doors to foreigners because they believed that those with foreign languages were beneath them.
Sound familiar?
Europeans were forced to find new ways into Asia and therefore water travel began to increase!
Chinese silks and other goods such as spices unknown to the European world traveled along the Silk Road. Muslims traded these goods, but the Christians and Jews, who were mostly Europeans at this time, wanted a different trade route because this would sometimes be dangerous.
Prince Henry of Portugal started a school of navigation.
Jerusalem - The Holy City
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