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MakeITOriginal - Playful history

A presentation of a design-process within the historic walls at The Danish State Archive. Aarhus University ITDD13

Kristoffer Theil

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of MakeITOriginal - Playful history

Pay attention - this is a special place!
The Danish State Archives
Welcome to
We are about to make history playful and alive
Do not touch
Do not touch
Do not touch
Do not touch
Do not touch
Do not touch
Do not touch
Ok to sit
Please place bag here
Future plans:
Could we use film and apps to get the stories from all these books and boxes?
How could we make
the statues voice history?

Is that a secret door?
Where would it go?
What are your ideas
to make history playful
and alive?
The magical door
Welcome to
Danish State Archives
playful and alive

Do not touch
Pay attention -
this is a special place!

This prezi is narrated
Please press play in the presentation-menu bellow before beginning
Do not touch
“beautiful shelves, built from the finest wood, as steeped in history as the boards of an old viking ship”
"books about the most secret of secrets, it’s content has changed the course of history"

“a beautiful statue of a famous Dane. If you touch him you can feel how brilliant and clever he was”
"a secret staircase where powerful people like politicians and kings have walked, sighing with the weight of power"

The hidden

Activation button

Activate historic
Action and Activities

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