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Microstrategy World 2013

A summary of Microstrategy World 2013 with a high-level roadmap for Team Honey Badger.

Wm. Jones

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Microstrategy World 2013

Mobile and Social No Grids Visualizations Visualizations
Cloud Themes Everything! What happened at
Microstrategy World 2013? What happened in Vegas? Everything you need to know about Vegas! Conference Highlights IgnitionOne
Business Intelligence Las Vegas, NV Microstrategy World 2013 BigData and Cloud nothing! What's next for Team Honey Badger? Accomodations Wynn Encore Photo Album For an entire week we did not see a single grid report demonstrated at any of the sessions! Data everywhere and fast! Use Cases Cost Estimator Tool ◊ Purchases which reflect a project
◊ Sell suggestions and probability purchases
◊ Frequent buyer options
◊ Color and style preferences Sneak Peak Facebook Culture Hack Everything! User Experience
is most important. Move fast and break things. What would you do if you were not afraid? Done is better
than perfect. Maintain the real estate. Go Big or Go Home! Key Elements of the Portal ◊ Report elements from multiple systems
◊ Multiple hacks into Microstrategy
◊ Socialize every report
◊ Drive the UEX; not usability
◊ Mobile accessibility Unified access and analysis The solutuion? Cloud Services ??? that is OUR job! BigData Maybe a few pictures won't hurt... The Evolution of BI from grids to mobile Where are we now? ◊ BI is operating as an independent consulting group.
◊ Most deliveries are grid reports and large CSV extracts.
◊ Basic reports run between 2 and 8 minutes.
◊ Complex reports average 23 minutes and can take up to 2 hours.
◊ All analytics are delivered from a 5 years old infrastructure.
◊ The shared OLAP environment has constrained capacity.
◊ Limited, multiple, and disjointed product ownership.
◊ The web-based BI delivery mechanism has minimal adoption. Should the BI Team operate as a reports factory?
Should users to spend an hour or more to write SQL?
Should customers understand the data model? ` What are we doing? ◊ Visual data discovery and insights.
◊ Customer interactivity with the data; more what-ifs.
◊ OLAP Infrastructure improvements; decision modeling.
◊ Focus on data agility; rather than data architecture.
◊ Creating a single version of the truth.
◊ Dashboards as a strategic conversation between IT and CS. We must ask more questions! Roadmap Climb the Analytical Maturity Model Descriptive.
Prescriptive. Data Interactivity Architecture Additional Activities The Goal: Analyze Data Faster! ◊ Resolve the "data chaos".
◊ Speed of delivery (30 seconds or less).
◊ Cubes. Cubes. Cubes.
◊ Interactive use of 'R'. What happened, what could happen, and the best course of action for the future. ◊ SIBIR Landing Page changes
◊ Upgrade to Microstratey 9.3 (9.3.1 in April)
◊ Deliver more visualizations/dashboards
◊ Transaction Services
◊ SIBIR mobile application development Architecture should become a one-off project. ◊ Microstrategy Framework
◊ Customized UEX
◊ Internal/External/3rd Party ETL ◊ Cross-department, cross-company (360i) Adoption
◊ BI software as a service (SaaS)
◊ SIBIR Training
◊ Atlanta Microstrategy User Group Trial Card is developing dashboards which collect data from medical card use to suggest other products and drugs a customer may want to investigate.

For example, people with prescription medication for heartburn often purchase OTC heartburn medication and chewing gum. This information is available to the front-end supervisor at the time the card is swiped. In-store, mobile marketing Medical Card Insights The Container Store is improving the customer experience thru analysis of purchase history and loyalty cards.

All floor managers have iPads can swipe a loyalty card and determine: Reports Portal Cost Estimator Tool was of particular interest because it resembled our SPOT process.

The Cost Estimator Tool is being used by marketers to compare and approximate the value of a coupon campaign to customers in various markets and demographics. This use case demonstrated the ability to use write-back actions affect dashboard results. The answer is NO! Quicker access to information; finding outliers.
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