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No description

adriana diaz-silva

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of invention-tumblr

Tumblr When was this invention made?
April 27-2007 This invention is a very
Goood one there are many of user's! Who was this invented by?
David karp, and Marco Armnet.
These 2 guys just really were
into computer's, and they decided
to make this website for teen's.! What is the main reason your invention was made.? Tumblr is a fun way
to express your
& thoughts. Tumblr on phones. Are there similar blog's?
tweeet & instagram & blog. How has this invention changed.?
Its better because there are alot
of user's & better looking pictures. Tumblr is a very entrtaining & fun site. You can write down your quotes. If you could add something to invention what would it be.?
I wouldnt change anything because i love the way it is.!
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