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The Persuasive Speech

No description

Elsa Garcia

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The Persuasive Speech

The Elements of Public Speaking
The Persuasive Speech
Prof. Elsa García
The Persuasive Speech
Goals of
Persuasive Speaking
To strengthen or weaken attitudes, beliefs or values
To change attitudes, beliefs or values
To motivate to action
Persuasion continuum

The Three
Persuasive Proofs
Logical (logos)
Reasoning from specific instances and generalizations
Reasoning from cause and effect
Reasoning from sign
Listening to logical arguments and fallacies of reasoning
Anecdotal evidence
Straw man
Appeal to tradition
Thin entering wedge

Emotional Appeals
Also called motivational appeals
Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”
Listening to emotional appeals

Credibility Appeals
The degree to which your audience regards you as a believable spokesperson

Tell listeners of your competence
Cite a variety of sources
Stress competencies of sources

Stress fairness
Stress concern for audience
Stress concern for enduring values
Demonstrate positive outlook
Demonstrate enthusiasm
Be emphatic

Listening to Credibility Appeals and Character Attacks
Personal interests
Character attacks
Glittering generalities

Principles of Persuasive Speaking
Focus on your audience
Identify with your audience
Secure a ‘yes’ response
Anticipate selective exposure
Use positive labeling
Ask for reasonable amounts of change
Provide social truth
Motivate your listeners with limited choices

Persuasive Speeches on...
Persuasive Speeches on a Question of Fact
Persuasive Speeches on a Question of Value
Persuasive Speeches on a Question of Policy
Concern what is or is not true
Formulate a thesis on the basis of a factual statement
Generate main points by asking:
“How do you know this?”
“Why would you believe this is true (factual)?”

Good or bad, moral or immoral, just or unjust
Generate main points with questions
Why is this good?
Why is this immoral?
Why is this justified?
Provide support through research

Urging your audience to do something about an issue concern what should be done, what procedures should be adopted, what laws should be changed
Involve questions of values
Develop question of policy by asking strategic questions
“Why should the policy be adopted?”
“Why should this policy be discontinued?”
“Why is this policy better than what we now have?”
Special Occasion Speeches
Special Occasion Speeches
Special Occasion Speeches
Special Occasion Speeches
Speech to Secure Goodwill- to get the audience to change their behavior toward the person, product, or company
Demonstrate the contributions that deserve goodwill
Establish credibility
Don’t be obvious in asking for goodwill

The Commencement Speech-to congratulate and inspire the recent graduates
Organize the speech in a temporal pattern
Do your research
Be brief
Congratulate the graduates, parents, and instructors
Offer the graduates a motivational message
Offer good wishes to the graduates

The Speech of Inspiration- to inspire, to raise the spirits of an audience
Demonstrate your oneness with the audience
Demonstrate your own intense involvement
Stress emotional appeals
Stress the positive
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