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Q2)What factors led up to and fueled the Triangular Trade ?

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joana hernandez-garcia

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Q2)What factors led up to and fueled the Triangular Trade ?

Age of Exploration
Q1)What was the Triangular Trade?(Describe all 3 slides)
The first one involved takiing manufacterd goods from Europe to Africa.
The second one involved shipping the slaves to America.
The third one involved the return to Europe from the produce from the slave-labor plantations
Q3) Based on what you learned about the Triangular , how did trade and travel change the world?

Trade and travel chnaged alot . Now a days you can just go to the store or get in your car . But back then you couldn't just got t the store and get something . If you didnt have something to trade to get something you need or if someone else dont have it . You had to grow it or make it or go a long way to get it .
Q2)What factors led up to and fueled the Triangular Trade?
The factors that led up to and fueled the Triangular trade was the discovery of land and slavery.
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