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No description

Bridget Steele

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Venus

Venuses time line. Venus 1962 Mission: Venus. Mariner 2, the world's first successful interplanetary spacecraft, was launched August 27, 1962. It reached Venus on December 14, 1962, Remarks: passes within 22,000 mi of Venus 12/14/62 Mission: Venus. It was 108-day journey from Earth. Mariner 2 was a 200-kilogram machine carrying six scientific instruments, a two-way radio, a solar-power system, and assorted electronic and mechanical devices. Its crew, numbering roughly 75, stayed behind at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Remarks: In solar orbit: closest Venus flyby 10/19/67 Venus 1967 Mission: Venus, Mercury.
Venus 1973 , The goal of the Mariner 10 mission
was to study the atmospheres, and if possible, the
surfaces of Venus and Mercury. The spacecraft was
equipped with instruments to measure magnetic fields,
plasma, infrared radiometry and ultraviolet, and a camera to photograph the planets.
Remarks: passes Venus 2/5/74: Arrived mercury 3/29/74. 1st time gravity of one planet (Venus)
used to whip spacecraft toward another (Mercury) Venus 1973 Venus 1989 venus 1978 THIS WAS A BIG HELP TO NASA Entered Venus orbit 12/4/78: spent 14 years studying planet; ceased 10/19/92. mission: Venus. Encountered Venus 12/9/78; probes impacted on the surface. Mission: Venus. Spacecraft: Magellan. Launch date: may 4, 1989. Remarks: landed on Venus 8/10/90; orbited and mapped Venus; monitored geologic activity on surface; ceased operation 10/11/94. Mission: Venus. Passed within 22,000 mi of Venus 12/14/62 contact lost 1/3/64 at 54 million mi Mission: Venus in solar orbit; closest Venus flyby 10/19/67. Mission: Venus passed Venus 2/5/74 arivved Mercury 3/29/74. 1st time gravity of 1 planer venus used to whip toward Mercury. Mission: Venus, Mercury
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