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The Circuit

Describe the events that happened in the book. Put the events in chronological order.

Rachel Byrne

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of The Circuit

The Circuit
Francisco is excited and filled with many illusions about what life will be like in California, since he is told that it will be better than what they have at home.
Francisco's family finds temporary work as migrant workers picking cotton.
Francisco goes to school for the first time with his brother Roberto.
Francisco's mom gives birth to Torito.
Torito was very sick. He was taken to the hospital.
Francisco's dad promised to pray every day for a year if Torito got better.
Francisco becomes friends with Miguelito. He enrolls in third grade. Soon after, Miguelito's family migrates from the camp.
Francisco so desperately wants a ball for Christmas. What does he end up getting for Christmas?
How would you feel if your family didn't have money to buy you any Christmas gifts?
What would life be like if you had to keep migrating to find work?
Recreate the characteristics demonstrated by Francisco after seeing Perico die.
Papa warns Roberto and Francisco to hide from the school bus, so they do not get in trouble for not going to school.
After reading about Francisco's struggles. What advice do you think Francisco would give you today about education? Pretend you are Francisco, create a speech for this class about education.
The end of seventh grade is soon approaching for Francisco. How does he feel and why? Compare how he feels to how you feel at the end of a school year. Describe the similarities and differences.
Miss Martin teaches Francisco how to write in English. He writes in his librito.
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