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Fuctional Behavior Assessment

No description

Alex Smith

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Fuctional Behavior Assessment

The Steps from FBA to BIP
(A Framework)

Before Starting the FBA
Get parent permission at the IEP meeting to do a FBA

Complete FBA Referral Form
Step 2: Indirect Observation
Complete Indirect FBA (Regular ED/SPED, Parent)
Please FINALIZE Indirect FBA on EASYIEP when completed.
Complete Motivational Checklist (Teacher, Parent, SPED)
Don't just check boxes on BIP. Checked boxes don't tell the whole story.
Type in all checked note boxes to define and explain what is going to be different.
Anybody should be able to pick up the plan and implement it without being at the IEP meeting.
Have a plan for monitoring the BIP,
5 Steps of an FBA
Step 1:
Identify and define the target behavior(s)
Step 2:
Collect Information
(Indirect and Direct)
Step 3:
Identify Antecedents, Functions, and Context
Step 4:
Develop a hypothesis/summary statement
Step 5:
Teach appropriate and replacement behaviors
Step 1: Target Behavior Examples

Note: Paper copies are located on SharePoint under the Special Education Handbook's behavior tab.
Step 2: Direct FBA
Complete Direct FBA and FINALIZE on EASYIEP
2 or more observations in 2 different settings
Focus on where the student has the most difficulties vs. the most success
May want to have teachers keep ABC data, frequency data, or duration data on paper for additional information/support.
Baseline Data
Step 3: Identify Antecedents, Functions, and Context
Take Indirect FBA and Direct FBA data and analyze the results
Step 4: Develop a Hypothesis/Summary Statement
Remember SEAT:
Escape Task

Verbal Praise

Ask for a break


Perform task

Difficult independent class assignment

Fewer than 4 hours of sleep

Step 5: Teach Appropriate and Replacement Behaviors
Develop goals within the IEP that teaches appropriate behavior skills and replacement behaviors.
FBA and BIP should align
What does standing up look like?
What does it Mean to Us?
"If a child doesn't know how to read, we teach."
"If a child doesn't know how to swim, we teach."
"If a child doesn't know how to multiply, we teach."
"If a child doesn't know how to behave, we................

Teach? Punish?
Helpful Web-Sites for Behavior Intervention Ideas and for Collecting Data.
1. www.behaviordoctor.org

2. www.trackingbehavior.org

3. www.pbis.org

4. www.interventioncentral.org

Complete the Functional Behavioral Assessment Summary
Will be signed at the IEP meeting
Now you are ready to develop the Positive Behavior Support Plan
Alex Smith
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