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No description

Ammar Farooqui

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Goal

Dream 1.
Become an electrical engineer
Dream 2.
Visit Paris with my friends
Goal 1.
Graduate high school with good marks.
_ I will give 2 or 3 hours to the studies whenever i will have a test or a quiz.
_ I will give my full attention and concentration in the class.
_ I will work so hard to get good marks in all the subjects.
Goal 1.
Find out how much will it cost??
(Davis, 2010)
?? Reflection Questions ??
• What have i learned about myself from looking at my life map?
• What patterns do I see?
• What things to be focus or are important to me?
• Does anything surprise me?
• Who do i need to become in order to fulfill the intentions on my life map?
(Abel, 2011)
(Christopher, 2008)
(David, 2013)
(Edward, 2011)
(Evelyn, 2005)
Goal 3.
Doing internship.
Goal 2.
Research on attractions, landscapes, shows etc.
Goal 3.
Learn simple french phrases for polite conversation.
(Augustin, 2008)
_ Ask my cousins who have visited Paris.
_ Research on how much will it cost for the plane ticket.
_ Research on the hotel where me and my friends will stay and find out it's rent etc.
_ I will give a whole week in summer vacations for this purpose.
_ I will have a look on online videos for taking ideas.
_ Will take suggestions from friends.
_ I will buy Easy French learning book.
_ I will spend time learning phrases every weekend.
_ I will keep a French to English pocket size dictionary always with me when i'll go there.
Dream 3.
Make a portrait painting
(Bullard, 2004)
Goal 1.
Take art classes.
Goal 2.
I should have quality paints and brushes.
Goal 3.
Research on the places where art exhibitions are held.
Goal 2.
I should have a great command on Maths & Physics.
I like pencil sketching and I'm pretty good in it but i don't know how to use paints. So i'll need to join classes for that.
To make a good and memorable portrait, i should have quality paints and brushes so my portrait wouldn't be messy and i can have a neat and clean portrait.
(Daniel, 2010)
(Anderson, 2007)
_ I will give an hour per day in the vacations to do so.
_ I should know how can I get my portrait in the exhibition.

(Penny, 2004)
(Taylor, 2012)
_ Practice of solving problems as much as i can.
_ Look through all of the things on weekend that I've learned throughout the week.
_ I will do internship when I'll be in university.
_ It's important to have an experience before getting a job and doing internship is the best way to have so.
Thanks for watching!
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