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root modifications

No description

Vyoma Reddy

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of root modifications

Good morning everyone Parasitic Roots Banyan Roots Pictures Climbing Roots What is root modification? Video Roots Today we will talk about
Root Modifications Roots of some plants perform additional functions. Let us
see and learn some of these modifications and their functions. For storage of food, the roots of some
plants like :

become fleshy. For multiplication,roots of plants like :

can grow to new plants. For climbing , some plants have climbing roots that help the plant to climb up a support like a wall. Some examples are: For nutrition, plants like DODDER have specialized roots called PARASITIC ROOTS arising from their stem, which help them to absorb water and nutrients from the host. For extra support, root of plants like BAMBOO, SUGARCANE and BANYAN give out extra roots from their branches. These roots grow downwards and give extra support to the stem of the plant. These are called PROP ROOTS. Here are some more ! ROOT Pictures MONEY PLANT BLACK PEPPER BETEL
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