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the plane

No description

troy hazama

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of the plane

A Plant Cell Is Like An Airplane
By: Troy Hazama
Teri Ng

hope you liked it
The airplane
Hope you enjoyed our presentation!
plant cell
The nucleus stores the DNA, has a role in processes, and controls the cells
The pilot is similar to the Nucleus because the pilot is responsible for controlling the plane, like how the nucleus controls the cells.
The Cart attendant is like the Endoplasmic Reticulum because the cart attendant brings food and beverages to the passengers like how the Endoplasmic Reticulum sends proteins to the cell.
Fuel is like the mitochondria because it gives energy to the plane to lift, like how the mitochondria gives energy to the cells.
the Windows is like the chloroplast because the window allows light in the plane just like how chloroplast's chlorophyll traps the energy of sunlight in cells.
the overhead bins are like the large central vacuole because the large central vacuole stores water and other materials and the overhead bins store luggages.
Toilets and lysosomes are alike because people use the toilet to get rid of waste, which is similar to how lysosomes digest waste.
The airplane's entrance won't allow passengers to enter if they don't have a ticket, like how the cell membrane won't allow materials to pass through.
The aisles and cytoskeleton are similar because the aisles create a path for the passengers to move from one place to another and the cytoskeleton creates a path through the cell that allows movement.
The air fills up the space in the plane like how cytoplasm fills up most of the cell.
The attendants are like the organelles because the attendants' job is to keep things in control and is like organelles that do specific functions
The walls or aircraft frames surrounds the plane so it can strengthen and support what's inside, similar to how the cell wall supports the cell.
The plane transports people to different places like how the Golgi complex helps packaged materials to be transported within and out of the cell.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is an organelle that makes lipids, breaks down toxic substances, and transports proteins in the production of lipids.
Mitochondria is an organelle that breaks down food molecules to make ATP (ATP is a molecule that carries energy in cells).
Lysosomes are organelles that digests waste , cell parts, and foreign invaders.
Chloroplast is an organelle that uses photosynthesis (water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight) to make food and uses chlorophyll to trap the energy of sunlight.
Large central vacuoles stores water and other materials.
The cell membrane protects the cell and allows things to enter and exit out of the cell.
Cytoplasm is a fluid that holds most of the contents in.
The cell wall surrounds, gives support, and shapes the plant cell.
The Golgi complex receives lipids and proteins from the Endoplasmic Reticulum and processes and transports materials within and out of the cell.
Cytoskeleton is a web of proteins that connects all organelles, creating pathways to help objects move around within the cell.
Ribosomes makes proteins by assembling chains of amino acids.
The Flight attendant makes food or drinks that the passengers needs, like how the ribosomes make proteins that the cell needs.
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