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Charles Perkins and the Freedom Rides

No description

Aynea Liem

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Charles Perkins and the Freedom Rides

Charles Perkins and the Freedom Rides The Purpose? Freedom Rides To campaign against the racial discrimination against the Aboriginal people Why? Because Aboriginals were... ...not considered human... ...and had to bear with verbal and physical abuse EVERYDAY... ...had to live in APPALLING living conditions... Charles Perkins Anna + Saena How it all began? led by CHARLES PERKINS
early 1960s people began to take notice
their work paid off:
1967 overwhelming number of people voted in favor of removing the state control over the treatment of Indigenous people
their work spread all over Australia upbringing and education life and career after freedom rides involvement in freedom rides contributions to aboriginal people BORN on the 16th of June 1936
educated at St Francis House
first Aboriginal Australian to graduate
Bachelor arts 1965 Founder of the Freedom Rides
Establishing the Founder Aboriginal Affairs in Sydney
Elected to be president of SAFA public servant in 1969 as Senior research Officer
1981 appointed Permanent Secretary of the Department of
Aboriginal Affairs
1989 became Chair of Arrente of Central Australia greater awareness of Aboriginal issues in rural areas
stirred up debate over Australia on the state of Aboriginal
many advances on Aboriginal people WHEN & WHO 12th February 1965 30 uni students
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