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Persuasive Speech: Donating Blood

Persuasive speech

Donald Nguyen

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech: Donating Blood

Donating Blood Benefits and Incentives
1997 World Health Organization set a goal
All blood donations come from unpaid volunteers
Only 49 of 124 countries surveyed maintained this standard Some countries have made great strides such as Tanzania
20% volunteer donors in 2005 and then 80% unpaid donors in 2007
However many countries still rely on paid donors in order to maintain an adequate supply
In some countries it is illegal to receive any compensation (monetary or otherwise)
Argentina, Brazil and Australia for example Regular donors are still recognized for their efforts
Time off work is often a bonus incentive
In Italy the donation day is treated as a paid holiday
Donating blood may also reduce the risk of heart disease in men but the link has not been confirmed and may be a selection bias Other Incentives Assurances; Donors will have priority during blood shortages
Free T-Shirts
First aid kits
Windshield scrapers
Pens Incentives for recruiting donors
Prize drawings and rewards for organizers of successful blood drives
Recognition for dedicated donors
<---Awards like this Donation Process Step 1: Registration
Step 2: Mini-physical
Step 3: The Donation
Step 4: Refreshment Have a light meal or plenty to drink
Bring your donor card and DL
Bring names of medication you are taking People lose blood everyday
Constant strain on the nation's blood supply
Car accidents are one of many causes that lead major blood loss
However only 10% has donated blood to the world's blood center
Some say they scared of needle
But most say that they have never been asked Universal Donors
O+ can donate blood to any positive group...A+, B+, AB+ Many Reason to donate blood
Personally Rewarding
Donation makes a difference in someone's life
Saves Lives
It's healthy
Increase awareness of you cholesteral level
And Incentives.... Sources



http://www.aabb.org/resources/donation/Pages/whydonate.aspx Conclusion
Less than 10% of of the population actually donates blood. They say they're afraid of AIDS, needles, blood or that they're too busy. But sometimes you got to look at the big picture. You are potentially saving someone's life and helping the community out. There are many reasons to donate blood... health benefits- lower your cholesterol and get a mini-physical, you can get compensated... with money or other things, but most importantly it's among the most selfless things a human being can do. So be part of something bigger than yourself and donate blood.
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