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Charles IV

No description

Katie Rose

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Charles IV

Early Years in Bohemia
Came back to Bohemia in 1333
The kingdom was in shambles, Charles worked to piece it back together.
Finally took over the crown in 1346, when his father died in the Battle of Crecy.
His Lasting Legacy
Protected the Czech lands from many wars, making it a Peacekeeping state.
Made the Prague the Imperial Capital of Central Europe
Golden Age of Bohemia
Established Charles University
Constructed Prague's New Town and Charles Bridge
Authorized the reconstruction of St. Vitus Cathedral
Built lots of castles
The church supported him during his reign, allowing his influence to spread and addition of land to the kingdom.
Early Life
Born May 14, 1316
Grew up in the Paris
Son of King John of Luxemberg and Elisabeth Premysl
Raised by King John's sister
A Royal Timeline
Charles IV
How Charles got the Crown
His mother's family ruled Bohemia. The male bloodline ran out and the King John became the ruler when he wed Elisabeth.

"The Father of the Czech Nation"
July 1346-Elected King of the Romans
September 1347-Crowned King of Bohemia
January 1355- Crowned King of Italy
April 1355- named Holy Roman Emperor
June 1365-Crowned King of Burgundy

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