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Teater Salihara Pasar Minggu

Taufik Hidayat

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Acoustic

Acoustic Study Case Black Box Theater Salihara Asiah Syahidah
Rizka Fitri R.
Taufik Hidayat Our Study Case Black Box Theater Salihara Pasar Minggu What is black box theater? A black box theater is a very simple design of a theater. As the name tells everything about the design, It is shaped like a box, and it is painted black. What is the Feature of the theater? Inside photo Types of Stage set in this theater Prosenium Trust Stage Traverse Theater in Round Stage Seat Stage Seat Stage Seat Survey When we do the survey, we came and watch a show called "Goyang penasaran". Because we weren't allowed to take photo or record during the show, we can not show what we had seen on the performance Our experience there Our position on the seat The sound of the actor and the actress, they don't use microphone on every single person, they use one hanging microphone, that they hang on top of the stage, so the audience at the back still can hear the dialogue clearly Sound that we heard They use also a few speaker that they put on top of the seating area, the speaker makes the sound effect of the drama, music playback, so it gives real experience of the acting. Material that is used here The walls of the Salihara blackbox theater are brick layers over “beton” wall. Bricks are effective in absorption and reflection of sound. There are sounds that need to be reflected and sounds that need to be absorbed. Adi Purnomo successfully provided both sound profiles’ need, by placing the bricks in a rotating motion from bottom to top. On the bottom half of the wall, the walls are flat against the wall, to achieve the total effect of sound reflection. Going upwards, the bricks are rotated outwards every 5 degrees, as to capture sound that can be reflected and absorbed from any direction, due to the provided “solid” profile and “permeable” profile in the wall layer. The roof of the theater is used as an open theater. This design allows the Salihara theater to actually achieve a nice acoustic and noise control, and the sound is clear and equal at all levels, without any echo or reverberation, or sound pile-up on certain focused areas. The top of the theater is covered with layers (bantalan) that can absorb sound. The seating in the set is also depends on the play, when we do the survey, there is no seat, but the material that is used is material soft material so it absorb the sound. Because the concept of this black box theater, so about the other material, it is made something like an insulation box, so the sound outside can not go inside.

This idea also can make the experience inside the box better because it is as if like excluded and to make the audience felt like in the part of the story.

Why the decoration of this theater is so minimalist, so the "play" it self will stands out, so the audience will see the play not the decoration of the theater. The success of bricks as a choice for this theater’s acoustic control is related to its mass; the brick’s character is solid, heavy, and impermeable, perfectly soundproofing the theater. The rotation of the bricks (permeable surface of layer) creates ability for the brick layers to not only reflect sound from and to all directions, but also to absorb the sounds that need to be absorbed. RT calculation Source http://www.flickr.com/photos/salihara/




"Aspek akustik teater pertunjukan musik Indonesia" Anastia Cinthya, SDs M.Ars Our Conclusion In the term of design, We think, the black box theater really is a a good design.

What is interesting about this concept, like Adi Purnomo said, this type of theater brings the audience closer to the act of the play, it is different that like the theater Prosenium that has a limitation.

In the term of Acoustic quality, it is also a well thought theater, the Architect even design a unique wall to enhance the sound that goes around the room. The sound that we heard from the play really in good quality, speech, music, and even the special effect sound of the play, we can enjoy it very much, although the quantity of the audience is quite a lot (around 200), it doesn't reduce the quality of the acoustic. Salihara Located on the Road Salihara 16, Pasar minggu, South Jakarta, Community Salihara complex consists of three main building unit: Salihara Theatre, Gallery Salihara, and office space. Currently, Salihara Blackbox Theatre is the only one in Indonesia. At this time the complex was expanded with the Community Salihara additional facilities for studio practice, art house and amphitheater. Theater Theater in Salihara used in many art occasion, classical music, jazz, drama, traditional music, poetry reading and many more.

What is so good about this theater, it is flexible theater, it can be used in many purpose but still in good top quality of acoustic The calculation that is taken with the SabT, the result came that the range of the RT is from 1,01 second to 1,86 second. with that result it can besaid thatblack box theater salihara is qualified witha music/concert performance need regarding the RT (1,7 second to 2,3 second) Stage Seat This is the photo of the seat that we sat on it, and as it looks like in the photo, the structure is very flexible, you can push everything around here to make the stage, and that is why this theater has a lot of types of stages
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