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Archetypes: Beauty and The Beast

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josh hubbell

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Archetypes: Beauty and The Beast

Archetypes: Beauty and The Beast
Belle's Journey
Supernatural Aid
The supernatural aid happens first. As the Prince is turned into a Beast. The Beast may only return to his normal state if he can love another as she loves him. Which creates the quest for Belle to change him into a human. Which also allows her to fulfill her own mission of finding adventure and her true love.
Beauty and The Beast
Call To Adventure
Belle's call to adventure comes when her father goes missing. He went into the woods with his latest experiment but hasn't returned. She knows that something must be wrong so she goes off in search of him. This shows her call to adventure when she tells the Beast to keep her as a prisoner instead of her father because he is old, sick, and she thinks he will die in the dungeon. To save her father Belle makes a deal with the Beast to live with him in the castle.
Meeting With A Mentor
Belle meets her mentor Mrs. Potts. She is upset and scared, and doesn't want to live with the Beast. She misses her father and is crying in her room when she realizes that there is something off. Then she discovers Mrs. Potts, as well as the wardrobe. Mrs. Potts tries to console Belle and convince her the Beast isn't all bad.
Crossing The Threshold
Belle refused to go and eat dinner with the beast because of how he treated her, and he was upset that she denied him and told her that if she wouldn't eat with him she wouldn't eat at all. Later Belle is really hungry, and ends up meeting her aids, Lumiere and Cogsworth as she searches for something to eat. They prepare Belle a feast with the help of the rest of the castle "people", and Belle finally crosses over into her first threshold into their supernatural world.
Death and Rebirth
(Return with the Elixir)
Belle tried to save the beast, but she couldn't reach him in time. However, Belle's love for the Beast and how after all the time she spent with him she also fell in love with him. The "elixir" is when Belle is crying on the Beast, and the spell is broken because the Beast found true love. When the spell is broken the Beast not only is brought back to life but also transformed back into a human. The mansion is also colorful once again symbolizing a birth of a new life for Belle and the Beast
The Return
When Belle finally returns home, she is happy to find her father okay. Her dad is confused as to how she escaped from the Beast, but she tells him the story of how he let her go. Then there is a knock on the door and a man is trying to take Belle's dad to be committed, because of his story of the Beast. Belle tries to defend her father and the Beast, but she can't do enough. Gaston gathers the townspeople in an angry mob to go get rid of the Beast once and for all.
The Hero
The Characteristics of a Hero
- Rushes to help others in danger
- Lives by their own proper morals and values
- Willing to endure personal risk to protect others values
- They stand for everything we love to see ourselves as, hence they are so famous with the audience.
The Grotesque Character
The characteristics of the grotesque character:
-Character is odd or not in natural shape or appearance
-social and possibly physical outcast
-Other characters emphasize the disgust with he character.
The Villain/Bully
Characteristics of the bully:
usually self-centered
Must achieve personal goals (at the cost of others)
"fishes" for compliments
Characteristics of the Faithful Companion:
Helping the hero on the quest
supporting the main character
Also known as the "sidekick"
Supports the character, who they define as superior to them.
The Shadow
The shadow is the negative part one's self found often being called "the evil twin". This negative part is denied and disclosed from others.
The Character's
Belle: Belle rushes to the rescue of her father. She is very kind, pure and reasonable. Not only that, she is fearless. Especially when she puts her life in danger and at risk when saving her fathers life by taking his spot as the Beast's prisoner.
Archetypal Criticism
Archetypal criticism is a type of criticism that analyzes a text and identifies the mythical elements that give a piece of work a deeper meaning.
Typical Characters
-The shadow
-The faithful companion
-The grotesque character

Popular Themes
Light vs. dark
Good vs. Evil
Hero's journey
The type of mythical elements that are most commonly looked for are:
-Stories/ Journeys

Beauty and the Beast is a story about a girl named Belle, who is forced to live in a castle with the "Beast". The Beast was a human before he was cursed for not being able to see inner beauty, and only loving himself. To break the curse he must find true love, but only before the rose dies. Belle comes to live with the Beast to save her father, and along the way learns a lot and starts to save the Beast as well.
The beast: whom does not have the appearance of a normal human being. He is shut out from the rest of the world because of his dis-pleasing to the eye appearance. The audience of the film is forced to take pity on the beast because what he was turned into. But also disgusted when we see how he treats people.
Gaston: The character is very self-centered and arrogant. He seems to need to always be in control. Gaston sends Belles father away to try and win her love but, it didn't work. This is an example of how he would sacrifice others for his own achievements and fulfillment's.
The Faithful Companion
Lumiere, Cogsworth, Ms. Potts and Chip: These characters reefer to the beast as master as head superior of the mansion. These characters help both the Beast and Belle fulfill their happiness. These companions encourage the romance between the Beast and Belle.
Lefou: Lefou feels that Gaston is superiors to him as many matters such as, looks, height, size, charm, as well as his intellectual standards. Lefou helps Gaston try to win Belles heart. He also participates in tricking Belle and her father.
The Beast: The Beast has this shadow because he is fuelled by anger and frustration of living with his mistakes in the lonesome dark castle. He takes his anger and lashes out on others, finally giving into his shadow self.
Light vs. Dark Theme
Lightness of the village
The light of the village implies security and hope
Erie castle
-Which symbolizes mystery, unknown, danger and despair.
Bad weather
-Then once the spell is broken the castle turns back into its previous light stage
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