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Copy of Mythology Matters

We will explore 5 reasons to study Greek mythology

karen fox

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mythology Matters

5 Reasons
to Study Greek

ONE: The stories are
entertaining and
Common Vocabulary
Greek Culture and History
gods and goddesses
TWO: Our language and our thinking are full of words
and ideas from mythology. It is all around us.

Mercury: quickest of the gods
(also called Hermes or Quicksilver)

mercury: a chemical that is a silvery,
mirror-like liquid at room temperature. Pure
mercury has high surface tension. It quickly
changes into small bead-like droplets when
it is spilled (mercury is also called

mercurial: a word that describes something
that can change quickly, such as mercurial
THREE: Allusions (references) to mythology
can be found in many works of
literature as well as in
everyday life.
The situation resembled Pandora’s box.
FOUR: It offers us a background for understanding Greek culture and history.
Myths were some of the earliest stories recorded about people.
FIVE: The themes in mythology are still
very important and relevant, today.
The story of Narcissus
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