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No description

Angelica Asuncion

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Reminiscence

The cool breeze that touches my skin
oh! it feels so relaxing
I always sit down and look at the river water spin
and hum along with the birds singing
giving me contentment as I grin
Manila: Greenheights Nangka Marikina City
SOS105: Life, works and writings of Dr. Jose Rizal

Submitted to:
Mr. Augustus Narag
By: Angelica P. Asuncion
My playmates were mostly boys
That's why my sister thought
I was a tomboy
When I was young, I prefer to
play lad toys
Rather than girly games that
gives me slight joy
Cause I'd rather play something I enjoy
Our backyard is my favorite spot to hang around
because of the wind that gives me a soothing feeling
gazing at the ripples of the river water takes away my frown
seeing the birds fly together
is so appealing
and all of these gives a relaxing sound
The home I love is filled with noise
of happy little girls and boys
playing their favorite toys
that sometimes they destroy
but they sure did enjoy
I remember the days when I was young
I grew up in a peaceful town
I would always go out to play
with my gang
who cheers me up whenever I'm down
I love these people who gets the hang
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