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Heroes of the Holocaust; Maria Andzelm

No description

Shad Gettman

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Heroes of the Holocaust; Maria Andzelm

Heroes of the Holocaust; Maria Andzelm By:Shad Gettman
Maria Andzelm is a bold, brave, and risk taking girl. She never talks out of turn. She's scared her family will get in trouble for hiding Jews. Maria makes a Jewish boy very estatic when ever they are near each other. She does what ever it takes to help others.

The story takes place in, ""Poland, 1942-1944""
Maria Andzelm's story is full of conflict, external and internal.
Authors Purpose
The author's purpose was to inform the reader about a girl and her family who was courageous enough to hide some Jews during World War Two.
Characterization of Maria Andzelm
Some evidence of that is she risked her life for some Jews her family was hiding to get some books. The book says,"" "Do you think she'd let you borrow one (book)?"
"I'll go ask." The next day, Maria visited Mrs. Olejarczyk and asked if she could see her books.
She was also caring for and hiding Jews!
This book is filled with imagery but here is a small taste of it. ""The hiding place was a box under the floor of the barn in the pen where the cows stayed...Maria couldn't help but notice the men smelled of cow manure and urine...They were scratching itchy red marks on their skin.""
External conflict: Her family was hiding Jews during the holocaust and couldn't let anyone find out.
Internal conflict: She was scared the Gestapo was going to find out her family was hiding Jews and that they would kill her family,
Throughout the story the author talks about Maria Andzelm and her family that hides Jews.
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