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Team Ethnography

No description

Mayerlin Valdez

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Team Ethnography

Team Ethnography
We all agree with creating awareness for human trafficking but we don't believe that their is a need for religion to change and promote the problem.
We all viewed the service differently based on our own individual cultures
Amirah is an organization that does good but it depends on a person's beliefs to follow and agree
Volunteer possibilities
Christian Fellowship
Heineman Ecumenical & Cultural Center
"A place for fun, friends and faith. This group is open to all members of the Framingham State University community who would like to grow spiritually with other Christians. We meet to have weekly Bible studies and discussions. We seek to form a strong Christian community and support and build each other up. We host events on campus and seek to be a light for Christ."
Cheyenne's Perspective
Admiration for their faith even at a young age they have found an outlet at school
Promoting an organization for the greater good - "Amirah"
Creating awareness and change through God of "modern day slavery"
Aryn's Perspective
to some people this is there life, inspiration
"nothing is impossible for God"
"LOVE" from God will end slavery
they incorporate Christianity and social problems to create and promote change
sociololgical bias- what women would want to strip?
Mayerlin's Perspective
Women who are under these types of situations seek help towards the end.
Christians in the room are sympathetic towards this cause.
Stephanie Clark is an advocate for the victims of sexual exploitation. However I do not agree with the way Clark approached the circumstance.
" Shelter, Clothing and Job Opportunities helps women in our organization to have some dignity"
Aryn's Culture
Japanese-American culture
Suburban lifestyle
Sociology major
Mater Dolorosa
Dominican American
Urban Community
Global Studies
Never attended a religious affiliated institution
Nonprofit organization located in Boston dedicated to providing. effective, whole person aftercare for female survivors of sexual exploitation who are over 18.
"We believe each human life is sacred, created in God's image, and therefore worthy of love, mercy and justice."
The program provides safe and supportive residential environment to learn, grow, heal, and rebuild.
by Stephanie Clark
Executive Director

Ecumenical Center
Cheyenne's Background
Colombian & Cambodian American Culture
Suburban Lifestyle
Roman Catholic
Academy of Notre Dame (Private Catholic Highschool)
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