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The hero's journey for Cars the Movie

No description

Nick Mendez

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The hero's journey for Cars the Movie

The Hero's Journey for Cars the Movie
By Nick Mendez

Return with the Elixir
As they finish the race, the owner of Dinoco comes up to McQueen to offers him there sponsorship and also shows respect for the young racer. Doc also showed respect for McQueen because of what he has done for The King. Lightning McQueen has finally decided to live in Radiator Springs. Now that he is there, McQueen has drawn a lot of publicity and customers to the stores in Radiator Springs.
Works Cited
Cars. Dir. John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. By John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Dan Fogelman, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin, Jorgen Klubien, Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, and Bonnie Hunt. Prod. Darla K. Anderson. Buena Vista Pictures, 2006. Film
The Call to Adventure
Lightning McQueen’s adventure starts when he falls out his trailer while on the way to the Piston Cup. He gets lost from the highway and ends up in Radiator Springs, a small town on Route 66.
Refusing the Calling
Lightning McQueen was refusing to stay in Radiator Springs and repair the road because he needed get back to his trailer, Mac. He also didn't want to miss his race and he also thought that everyone would be worried and trying find him.
McQueen had to nicely pave the road that he damaged, so that he could be able to leave Radiator Springs.

McQueen is tested by Doc to a race and prove him he should redo the road.

Lightning also meets friends in the town. Sally and Mater, in particular, help Lightning realize what he’s been missing in his life. He’d been thinking about himself his whole life and didn't know that friends are important in life.

Lightning McQueen is a famous but cocky race car driver that has no time for friends or having fun. He doesn't have anything to worry about besides trying to win the Piston Cup.
The Ordinary World
In Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen finds out that Doc Hudson was actually a champion race car, The Hudson Hornet. McQueen wanted Doc to teach him a little about racing to help him for the big race. Doc also tries to teach McQueen important lessons in life.
Meeting the Mentor
Lightning McQueen is taken to court in the town because he destroyed there road. He is forced to complete the road to be able to leave so he can be on time for the big race.
Crossing the Threshold
Lightning McQueen's inner self
Chick Hicks
The King
McQueen has won everyone's mind over, except Doc's. He has made everyone happy by fixing the town back up again.
The Reward
Mack - Lorry
Mater - Tow Truck
Sally - Porche Carrera
Doc - Hudson Hornet
Sheriff - Mercury
Luigi - Fiat 500
Guido - Forklift
Ramone - Low-Rider
Flo - Cadilac
Fillmore - 60's Volks Wagon van
Sarge - World War 2 Jeep
Lizzie - 1923 Ford Model T Coupe
Red - Fire Truck
The King - 1970 Plymouth Superbird
After McQueen fails to beat Doc in a race due to a sharp turn. Now he is devoted to learning the way of counter-steer after seeing Doc do it. He goes and practices when he's on break. His personality begins to change while he is struggling the counter-steer.
After going on the drive with Sally, McQueen is taught about the history of the town. His ordeal is now fully devoted to finish the road properly and to choose between his world or the Radiator Spring's life.
The Ordeal
The Road Back
Swarms of reporters flood the town with cameras, they have found Lightning McQueen due to Doc's phone call to the public. After learning all he has, McQueen has to now use it in his race.
McQueen uses all his knowledge to get in the lead. He sees "the King" wrecked on the track. After knowing what happened to Doc makes him stop before the finish line and pushes King across the finish line. McQueen has emerged from his selfish self and became humble.
The Resurrection
Hero - Lightning McQueen

Shadow - McQueen's Inner self is the shadow because he was to choose either living a famous racing life or to have friends in the story.

Trickster - Mater, because he is always goofing around and doing fun things.

Shape-Shifters - The King (Changed from enemy into his Ally) The King was McQueen's enemy in the beginning of the because they were competitors. He became McQueen's ally when McQueen helped him finish the race.

Herald - McQueen's call to adventure began because he fell out of his trailer, Mac. McQueen ended up in Radiator Springs because he was trying to find Mac and took a wrong turn into Radiator Springs.

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