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Purple Heart Day

No description

Anh Mai

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Purple Heart Day

Where and why did Purple
Heart Day start?
George Washington had started it way back on February 22, 1932. The Purple Heart Award was open for soldiers who had gotten hurt in the American Revolution. On May 28th, 1932, World War I veterans were given their Purple Hearts at Temple Hill, in New Windsor, NY.
Cool Facts
It is a badge for military merit
There is a purple heart trail
George Washington is the person on the badge
How It Was Made Remade ( The New Look )
The Purple Heart is a heart shaped
piece of silk edged with a narrow binding of silver with the word Merit stitched across it.

In 1931 Miss Elizabeth Will, and army heraldic specialist in the office of the quart master general was named to redesign the newly revived medal.
The Purple Heart Day badge was recreated several times.
Purple Heart Day
By: Tyrnie and Anh
Why do they call it Purple
Heart Day?
They call it Purple Heart Day because
that is what the badge is shaped like a heart. It is for World War I veterans.
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