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LCC_ Career

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Networking

Connecting to others in a meaningful way
What is Networking?
• Offer assistance in your area of expertise
• Pay it forward: Share best practices and tried-and-true methods
• Be present and engaged – eye contact, pay attention, contribute positively
• Speak well of others
• Be willing to learn - help out in areas outside your expertise
Networking is not just:
• Happy hour meetings
• A single event
• Business card distribution/hoarding
• Reminiscing about “glory days”
• Name dropping
• Fake friendship – conspiring against a 3rd party
Networking: Why it Matters
Today you are you!
That is truer than true.
There is no-one alive
Who is you-er than you

- Dr. Suess
Nearly 70% of jobs and vacancies are unadvertised or filled via someone previously known to the employer.
- Department of Labor
In what ways do people keep themselves hidden, unavailable, unapproachable?
Networking: Methods
Portfolio - Take our workshop!
Certificates, diplomas, degrees
Resume/cover letter – Take our workshop!
Business Cards
Know and practice "you"
• Who am I?
• What do I offer?
• What are my key strengths?
• What adjectives would my best friend use to describe me?
• Which skills shall I highlight for a particular meeting?
• What are the main contributions I can make?
• Why am I interested in the company or industry the person represents?
• What should the listener do as a result of hearing this?
An elevator speech is as essential as a business card.
You need to be able to say who you are, what you do, what you are interested in doing and how you can be a resource to your listeners.
In person - How, where, when?
Study groups, clubs, community awareness events, advisory boards, athletic competitions, drama performances, school events, recognition awards, memberships in service organizations

- http://tdn.com/calendar/
– http://www.kelso.gov/departments-services/city-hall/city-meeting-calendar
– http://www.mylongview.com/
- http://www.thecenterofthenorthwest.com/calendar.html
- http://www.klykradio.com/common/page.php?id=191&is_corp=1
- http://www.visitmtsthelens.com/events_festivals.html
- http://www.co.cowlitz.wa.us/Calendar.aspx?EID=1540&day=14&month=7&year=2015&calType=0
1. What is a typical day?
2. What do you like best about your job?
3. What is the hardest thing about your job?
4. What education do you have?
5. Advice for me?
Introvert Strategies: (Introvert is energized by alone time; too many people are physically/mentally draining)
• Connect with the people that know a lot of people. They will help you.
• Make networking goals for yourself.
• Prepare: research and script interactions if you know attendees of an event.
• Find people who are alone and introduce yourself.
• Plan alone time to re-fuel.
Extrovert Strategies: (Extrovert is energized by interacting with people, speaking with others, and information sharing)
• Think first – evaluate – then speak.
• Create dialogues rather than monologues
• Find out what others would like to talk about. Don’t ramble on
• Invite input from others by asking questions
• Follow through on conversations. Check in with others
• Know the company you are seeking
• Start with a hook that invites a question
• Serve, don’t sell
• Passion – why does this matter to you?
• Don’t sound canned; remember to pause sometimes
• Discuss how you meet a need
• Finally: Have a wrap up
I Don't Know Anybody
- False -
Statistically speaking, you know 250 people
And they know 250 people
By the third level, you are connected to 15 million people
When employers were asked if they screen job applicants using social media, 91% indicated that they do! And 26% indicated that they rejected the applicant based on what they found.
Things to DO
Create your "Brand"
Keep your accounts up-to-date
Include a professional photo
If you are a writer, Blog!
If you are a speaker, Podcast!
If you are a performer, Youtube!

Things to Avoid:
Your Photo
Professional face shot that promotes your "brand"

Things to avoid:
Sexy shots
Too many people
“Anchorman” poses
Full body photos
Photos of products
Food photos
• Anything associated with drinking
• Anything too sexy
• Photos of those awkward moments
• Using profanity in your posts
• Saying anything at all about your current or past employers
• Mood swings
• Sarcasm
• Bad mouthing others
Clean it up:
Other areas that employers can investigate include:
• Credit history
• Court records
• Tax records
• Criminal history
• Real estate records
Friends of Friends
Medical/Dental Staff
Business Associates/Representatives
Care Providers for Children/Elderly
Community Service Representatives
Auto Mechanics
Bank Tellers
Police Officers/Firemen
Sports enthusiasts
Your Network
Professional Social Networking
Get Known
Complete your profile - Including photo
Attach your resume
Connect with Companies and Groups
Find others who are doing your dream job
Locate companies that offer jobs in your field
Create new connections
Perform job searches
Find out how many ways you are already connected to a job opening

Visit Career Services
Find out what type of career you would enjoy (interest assessments)
Talk with Career Specialists (match your interests with a program of study at LCC)
Create a targeted resume (bring in a job post and a jump drive)
Use job search tools (Career Services "Get a Job")
Research wages and tasks of your chosen career (WOIS.org or careeronestop)
Practice interviews (www.perfectinterview.com/lcc)
Find work study positions (collegecentral.com/lowercolumbiacollege)
Create your LinkedIn account now
Which communication strategies can you use for your personality style
Your potential employer knows 250 people
Your past employer knows 250 people
They both work in the same field

Interview Question:
What did you like best about your last employer? What did you like least?
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