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Exploring Area and Perimeter

No description

Brian Conner

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Exploring Area and Perimeter

Exploring Area and Perimeter Perimeter is the distance around. Area is the space inside Is area the distance around the inside space? What makes
area and
different? hmm... Find the
perimeters and area of figures on a dot array. use the dot array on your MathBoard or on Centimeter-dot paper Draw a vertical line segment 3 cm long. Now draw a horizontal line segment 5 cm long starting from one end of the 3 cm line. Now draw two more line segments to form a rectangle. What does the perimeter of a figure mean? What is the
perimeter of
our rectangle? How did you
find the
perimeter? How many dots
did you connect
to make a 5 cm
line segment? leave the rectangle
on your dot array and
now draw a square with
each side 1 cm long. You can use this small
square as a unit to
measure the area of a rectangle What is the area
of a rectangle? How can you use
square units to find
the area of a rectangle? Because each side of this square is 1 cm long, it is called 1 square centimeter. The abbreviation is sq cm. If a square
unit has sides measuring 1 inch, what would you call the unit? If a square unit has sides measuring 1 mile, what would you call the unit? Find the area of the 3 cm by 5 cm rectangle? How did you find the area of your rectangle?
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