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No description

Elizabeth Vasek

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Culture

How to Reach the Regions
We have a group of leaders that we can leverage to make a direct impact on culture in the regions
Defining Culture
Our Plan
5. Establish and facilitate recurring org-wide events (at first 2x per year and working up to quarterly) to further our sense of connectedness across regions
How You Can Help
Feedback on this approach: where might we run into roadblocks/challenges - especially considering our changing operating model?

How can we move forward in an aligned way?
Working group?
Establishing a vision and clarifying roles/plans that other teams have in place (how does this fit together?)

Who else should we have around the table?
Working together to be #1
Improving Staff Culture
now celebrating #60
We are in a position to do so much more!
three consecutive years
The Blank Show
Professional Development & Training
Website, blogs, branded merchandise
Building areas for socialization
induction, corps member achievements, etc.
regional communication and in-office events
All 4 of our teams prioritize and have an influence on these areas
Internal Communications
Human Assets BPs
Marketing & Communications
National Admin
Benefits, Pay equity, Management Training, etc.
Building and operating offices, emergency management
regional policies & procedures, regional leadership, etc.
How do we ensure that regions are prioritizing culture-building?
Operations Coordinators are already having an impact on Culture:
Employee Engagement
1. Continue to own physical space development -revamping the process to take more of a region-specific flavor
2. Drive "what's on the walls"
3. Formalize driving culture as part of the OC Job Description creating explicit training/support and informing hiring decisions with this in mind
"OMG! Drastic improvement from last year since we moved into our new digs! The office is phenomenal and totally creates a team culture."
-Houston Staff Member ("very satisfied" with office culture & environment)
"Few people work from our office and I suspect that is because it's pretty unattractive, messy, and not an inviting space."
-Mississippi Delta Staff Member
"I would love to see more opportunities for collaboration/socializing between national and regional teams. "
"There were lots of events happening but I feel they have died down. My sense is not many people were going to them so I think it would be important to step back and figure out what works best."
Best Places to Work
Culture Initiatives
Regional Priorities
Regional Admin Community
-Chicago Staff Member
OCs execute on culture initiatives informally (sometimes in partnership with regional leadership, sometimes independently)

Because culture is not currently an explicit part of the OC Job Description, it is often pushed to the bottom and/or is incredibly inconsistent
- Bay Area Staff Member
4. Develop plug-and-play culture toolkit, so any region can easily replicate an event already proven to be successful (with modifications for their region's needs)
Chat with Matt & other ways to connect leadership with staff
External Communications, creating & upholding the brand
In-office events
PLC groups, leadership journeys
unifying brand
Fundraising goals
Teacher effectiveness
Growing the size of the corps
Culture initiatives
Regional Capacity
Now, more important than ever before given our changing operating model.
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