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El Salvador

No description

kyle carter

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of El Salvador

Double click anywhere & add an idea El Salvador El Salvador
By Kyle Carter Population- 7,185,218
Life expectancy
Male- 68.72
Female- 76.11
High risk of diseases Religions
Roman cathloic
Jehovah's Withnesses
Nahua Government
San Salvador US dollar in 2001
Coffee, Sugar, Corn, Rice, Beans, Oilseed, Cotton, Sorghum, Beef, Dairy products. Holidays
1 Jan - New Years Day
2 Apr- 5 Apr - Easter
1 May - Labour Day
3 Aug - Fiesta de San Salvador
6 Aug - Fiestas Patronales
15 Sep - Independance Day
11 Oct - Dia de la Raza
2 Nov - All Souls' Day
24 Dec - 25 Dec - Christmas Day
31 Dec - New Years Eve Climate
Tropical - rainy season (May to October), Dry season (November to April) National Monuments
Los Chorros
The Devil's Doorway
Los Planes Lookout Point
National Zoo
Panchimalco Indian Village
La Laguna Botanical Garden
San Salvador Volcano National Theatre of El Salvador El Salvador
was made up of two large Indian states and several principalities
independence in 1821 Current Events
Mexico's Zetas Drug Gang
Seventeen alleged MS-13 gang members killed Hempstead bouncer
man shot on his way back from work early (car jacker)
Drug bust
gang war THE END
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