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Airport Security

No description

Shelby Werderich

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Airport Security

7 Ways 9/11 changed the World
Oil Independence
For decades leading up to 9/11almost all of our oil trade and dependency was based in Middle Eastern countries. Ever since 9/11 lead us to the War on Terror it made dealing with those countries more difficult. America has established a new pipeline to get oil from called the TransCanada that passes through Alberta Canada down through North Dakota all the down to South Texas. This has affected many oil exporting countries now that America has more independence with oil. Venezuela is also being affected because less countries are importing oil from them. Their petroleum output has dropped by 25% since 2000. The oil map is being shifted from the Eastern hemisphere to the Western now that we are finding our own sources for oil.
Less Tolerant of Islam/ Racial Profiling
After the attack on 9/11, the world has changed in the way that we are less tolerant of Islam. Thirty five percent of Americans believe that Islam is more encouraging of violence than any other religion.
Racial profiling has increased since 9/11. The case of Palestinian activist Jaoudat Abouazza was arrested in Massachusetts due to a minor traffic violation, but he was not read his rights and wasn't charged for a crime. He was held in custody and was interrogated by the FBI for being a terrorist. Also, many Arabs were fired from their job, due to their race.
World Wide Web of Change
With all the craziness of 9/11, one thing definitely took off: social media.
In particular, the Middle East has taken an interest in social media.
They use it to follow the wars in Egypt and Iran and even what's happening in Syria.
They post most often about their views of religion and community involvement. 6 out of 10 Egyptians, Tunisian, and Jordanian media users post about religion.
Since the attack on 9/11, airport security has increased.
Carry-on liquids and sizes
Shoe/jacket/belt removal
Suspicious passengers for private screening

Pilots are protected by reinforced cockpit doors.
No-fly list for FBI's Terrorist Screening Center
Airport Security
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Suicide Rates Dropped
In the weeks following September 11, British scientist saw an opportunity to study the "Blitz spirit" in Englad. They found, that after the terrorist attack, there was a significant drop in the suicides rate by 40%. The thought behind this is that when something this devastating happens, it unites people making them feel like they're struggling against something as a part of a team. When you feel like you're a part of something you usually feel a sense of obligation, duty, and support. It makes you feel like there are people out there that need you. The drop in suicides after 9/11 lasted four weeks.
Since 9/11 America has become more patriotic. Many people but their time and effort to help all the people in need in New York from the attack. Everyone displayed flags to show their love for this country. Also, when Osama bin Laden was found and killed, the same action occured throughout the nation.
Since 9/11, the practice of tolerance has come increasingly under assault. Tolerance is hard to pin down because it revolves around two distinct and opposing principles: first, the freedom to be different, and, second, a positive regard toward these differences. Tolerance requires that freedom of religion trump apprehensions that non-Muslims may have about Islam. At the same time, unless Muslims who seek to exercise this right also make clear their deep respect for the dignity and worth of every human being regardless of their religion, tolerance will remain superficial and fragile.
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